By host on 12/21/2010 4:57 AM

MY ULTIMATE RIG IS A ’75 FENDER P Bass, bought brand new when I was 21. It was modified with a D Tuner, a Leo Quan Badass bridge, and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickup. The Music Man bass amp

By host on 12/21/2010 4:53 AM

Home base Brooklyn, NY Occupation Clerical associate Gigs Gospel services Bass Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 Rig Hartke 3000 head, Hartke 4x10 cab Effects Korg Pandora PX4D Strings, etc. Hartke Light 5 String Heroes Verdine White and Robert “Kool” Bell History

By host on 12/7/2010 8:35 AM

My live rig gets a lot of attention everywhere I play. The signal path goes as such Wireless through an X2 XDR95, fed into a Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro with a 2 channel output. My main sound is running

By host on 12/7/2010 8:20 AM

Home base Seattle, WA Occupation Project Manager Gigs Indigo Soul (indie rock), the Grand Delusion (Styx tribute), Highway Run (Journey tribute) the About Face Band (classic rock) Basses Music Man StingRay 4, Music Man StingRay 5, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals

By host on 12/6/2010 4:24 AM

HERE’S MY RIG. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS they come. I’ve got a mahogany finished ’69 Gibson EB 0, with all the original paper work and case. A ’70s Musitronics Mutron Phasor. My amp is a Traynor bass mate YBA 2A

By host on 12/6/2010 3:54 AM

Home base Henrietta, NY Occupation Engineering Project Manager Gigs Route 49, NativSun Basses 1991 Fender Jazz Deluxe, Warwick Corvette, ’70s Fender P Bass Rig Ampeg SVT Heroes & Inspiration Nathan East, Leland Sklar, Paul McCartney How did you come to

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