By host on 8/27/2009 5:37 AM

First, it's come to my attention that the kind folks at Bass Player Magazine have launched a new website (, and as part of it they're posting blogs by their writers. So some of the stuff I write here will end up over there. If you're reading this at the BP site already, well, hello!

By host on 8/19/2009 4:57 AM



By Bryan Beller 

Just a quick update before I fly back from Austria (it's been great over here playing Miles Davis material with Mike Keneally, keyboardist Adam Holzman, trumpeter Franz Hackl, and drummer Abe Fogle - killer catz!) and launch into a seriously frenetic August:


By host on 8/19/2009 4:45 AM
Welcome to the new BP blog!
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