bp0111_comm_rig1_nr.jpgMY ULTIMATE RIG IS A ’75 FENDER P-Bass, bought brand new when I was 21. It was modified with a D-Tuner, a Leo Quan Badass bridge, and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickup. The Music Man bass amp was purchased from blues singer Tony Galla in 1978. The only change I made was to put in a JBL E-140 driver, which really opened up the low end. I also have a Shure wireless system, which allows me to jump out onto the dance floor during solos! —PAULIE KRIEDEMAN, VIA EMAIL

Got a rig you want everyone to dig? Send a brief description and photo to


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Dig My Rig, January 2011

Hell yeah!! You have a crazy amp man. Could say for sure that you a true lucky man. Let's ROCK!!

By nigrilaforever on   2/1/2011 5:36 PM

Dig My Rig, January 2011

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By LENABurns28 on   1/31/2011 7:56 AM

Dig My Rig, January 2011

Really nice setup! I have a custom built P style bass from 1978 (partial work was done by Paul Reed Smith himself, before he became the PRS mogul!). It is modeled after a Fender Tele bass and even has an original Fender Tele bass humbucker...and it too has a Leo Quan Badass Bass II bridge and it is great!

By Edward Sparks on   2/17/2011 3:50 AM

Dig My Rig, January 2011

Awesome rig. Perhaps you can answer a question for me, I bought a Fender American Standard Jazz bass two years ago and I use Long Scale 0.105, .085, .065, .050 Rotosound Round wounds and after having some big box music stores, i.e. Guitar Center hacks make a half hearted attempt to set up my bass, I spent the weekend doing it my self, for the first time. Well the result, is a nice straight neck and my E - String is about 13/64" off the last fret and my G - String is about 1/4" from the bottom of the string to the top of the fret. I noticed you have a Badass Bridge, 1) do you think the action I have is good or could I do even better with a different bridge. I am somewhat of a newbie and would appreciate any comments that you might have on setting up a bass and getting the best action out of it without fret buzzing. Thanks alot

By Bob Hathaway on   2/14/2011 12:43 PM

Dig My Rig, January 2011

Ohh, Rickenbacker! An old, classic bass. Cool looking. Love vintage instruments

By nigrilaforever on   3/1/2011 12:20 AM

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