bp0211_com_rw1_nrHome base Lancaster, California

Occupation Supervisor

Gigs The New Jazz Ministry, the Groove Committee

Basses 5-string Washburn XB-125, 1974 Fender Jazz Bass, fretless Tokai

Rig Hartke HA3500, Hartke 2x10 & Peavey 1x18; Samson VR3 wireless

Strings Rotosound Swing Bass 66

Heroes & Inspiration James Jamerson, Stanley Clarke, Louis Johnson, Boosty Collins, Jeff Beck

How did you come to play bass? I attended a block party when I was eight years old and stood next to the bass cabinet. The sounds coming from that cabinet caused my heart to pound, and my body began to shake. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What are your musical goals? To become a better, stronger, more well-rounded bassist and musician. No need for fame or fortune— just allow me to do my thing and stand back!



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The Real World: Barry E. Nelson

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The Real World: Barry E. Nelson

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The Real World: Barry E. Nelson

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The Real World: Barry E. Nelson

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The Real World: Barry E. Nelson

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