Dig My Rig: January 2013
Wed, 30 Jan 2013


I suppose my current setup is a bit of a blast from the past. The combo is a blackface Acoustic 118 with a 15" speaker in a ported cab. It may not be much to look at, but this amp pushes some serious air and is a veteran of hundreds of gigs— small, medium, and large.

This old sentinel guards my trio of Japanese Fenders. On the left are two ’62 Reissue Jazz Basses. The white one has been modified with DiMarzio pickups. The sunburst model has had Seymour Duncan pickups fitted, its pickguard removed, and chrome controls fitted in a temporary tribute to the great Jaco. On the right is my ’57 Reissue Precision, upgraded with a Kent Armstrong pickup and a gold anodized pickguard. It definitely has an old-school look and sound, but it’s perfect for my current bassplaying duties.

Got a rig you think we’d dig? Email a photo and a description to digmyrig@gmail.com.

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