Court of Opinion: June 2013
Fri, 17 May 2013

If you could choose to jam with John Bohnam, Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, or Neil Peart, who would you pick?

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Peart, hands down. The others are great, but a Peart they will never be! —Chad Ballentine

Neil Peart is easily the greatest drummer of all time and not just in rock & roll, people! —Jd Sumone

Neil Peart, hands down. —Fred Race

No contest. Peart is a great drummer, but Bonham was amazing. He changed how the drums were played more than any person I can think of. Bonham was to drums what Entwistle was to the bass. —Ronald Ward Jones

Bonham, Bonham, Bonham—all day long. If a bass player could create what would be the perfect drummer, Mr. Bonham would be the end result. —John Gowrie

Hands down, Bonham. Then I’d have a beer with Dave Grohl and go on a motorcycle ride with Neil Peart, all the while thinking about Keith Moon’s funny drumming on the Smothers Brothers show. —Peter Cottone

For me? Moonie all the way. —Pyrat John Hodges

Keith Moon is so not my style. Consequently, I would have a great deal to learn by jamming with him. He’s my choice! —Bob Mirro

They’re all unique and great, but Keith has that special blend of heart and complete surprise, and I’m sure the other drummers listed here would agree. His playing was irrational, loud, sloppy, and fun—and it worked! Oh, sorry ... I’m not a bass player. Never mind! —Dan Russell David

Dave Grohl, rock & roll everyman. JPJ and McCartney jam with him—good company. —Ron Kelley

I have a ton of respect for Dave. He has to be my favorite allaround musician working today. But as a drummer, he’s not in the same league as John, Keith, and Neil. I bet even he would say so. —Gil Carter

Is there a way we can extract the DNA from each of these individuals and create a new monster drummer? —Townsend MB

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