New Gear, November 2011

February 16, 2012
MXR Analog Chorus

Although it’s not specifically designed for bass, the MXR Analog Chorus manages to leave the bottom end untouched—set the low frequency control flat, in fact, for a touch more booty. From shimmering chimes to warbling birds, it’s all there.
Street $100

Cort Arona Bass

Designed for Cort by Sandberg Guitars, this Euro axe has 24 frets, MM/J pickups from Desonic by Delano, and a sleek profile that is both sexy and ergonomic. It comes with a swamp ash or alder body (depending on the finish) and a fast, “C”-profile neck that begs to be played. Available in 4- and 5-string models.
Street 4-string, $560; 5-string, $610

Orange Terror Bass BT1000H

British amp company Orange has figured out a way to squeeze 1,000 watts from its lightweight Terror bass head. The 12AX7-based preamp adds pulp and loads of vitamin C (color). Orange you glad you waited for this one?
Street $1,000

Eastwood Guitars Magnum Bass

A revamping of the offbeat Ovation Magnum bass of the ’70s, this Eastwood has a lightweight mahogany body, bolt-on maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. The gi-normous neck-position “mudbucker” pickup is a dubster’s dream.
Street $580

Fender Classic Series ’70s Precision

It’s not a completely faithful reproduction of a standard ’70s P, but it does have the bound and blocked fingerboards that were an option during the “Me” decade. Rather than scour Craigslist for an increasingly rare original, you can now buy this sweet axe that evokes the heady days of bellbottoms, Cuervo Gold, and mellow doobies.
Street $850

Monolith Magma 1.0 Bass Preamp

This two-channel, solid-state pre has A, B, and BLEND inputs; DRIVE, BASS, MID, TREBLE, and LEVEL controls for each channel help you tailor the output for clean or hot molten tone.
Street $780

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