New Gear: September 2013

August 26, 2013

StudioConnect with Lightning

With its stereo audio, MIDI in/out, and charging dock, the StudioConnect, an all-in-one audio interface for the iPad, makes it easy to plug in and jam along with whatever’s on your iPad. It also features line-level RCA stereo output and stereo headphone output with separate volume control, and it allows players to plug a recorder or mixer into StudioConnect’s stereo 3.5mm input jack and connect the whole band to a single iPad.
Street $150

Funk Fingers
Remember the right-hand extension Funk Fingers Tony Levin used so skillfully with Peter Gabriel? With Levin’s blessing, Expanding Hands Music now offers both original Funk Fingers and a “Red Type” version with a bit more weight at the tip for players who want more control and a heavier attack.
Street Original, $22; Red Type, $26

Pro XT 2.4 for iOS

Players who love to jam along with their Apple products should check out the JamUp 2.4 Guitar/ Bass iPad and iPhone Amp-Effect Processor. Available at the iTunes App Store, the latest update packs a host of extra onboard bells and whistles, and JamUp now offers the proprietary ToneSharing platform, allowing you to explore, share, and download over 5,000 artist and user presets.
Street $19.99; $9.99 (Bass Expansion Pack II)


 Funkulator EQ and Grizzly Bass Overdrive/ Distortion pedals
With a single EQ knob that controls a variable upper-mid frequency scoop while gently boosting the highs and lows, Creation Audio Labs’ new Funkulator is a bass EQ pedal aimed at old-school funksters. The Grizzly Bass, on the other hand, helps players aching to get tube-amp overdrive and distortion. Controls include gain, overdrive, distortion, high-cut, and a “Funkulator” curve that controls a variable upper-mid frequency scoop while gently boosting the highs and lows.
Price Funkulator, $149; Grizzly Bass, $225

Savannah Collection ASAT Bass

This very limited-edition 4-string, made of semi-hollow okoume with a korina top, boasts a maple neck, a pau ferro fingerboard, medium jumbo frets, custom G&L Ultra-Lite tuners, and a G&L saddle-lock bridge with chrome-plated brass saddles. The active/passive electronics, 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector, series/parallel mini-toggle, preamp control mini-toggle (off/on/on with high-end EQ boost) complete the package. Comes with a deluxe hardshell tolex case.
Street $1,650


Looking for a multi-timbral analog synthesizer and octave pedal? You’re in luck. The Subterranea features three synthesized voices, selectable waveforms, and a low-pass filter. Besides level controls for its main octave, octave synth, and unison synth voices, the pedal boasts 3-way switches to allow players to select between sawtooth, narrow-pulse, and square waveforms and a host of options for knob-twiddlers who are ready to mess with filter controls and filters.
Street $225

 Bamboo cabinet
 All-steel “dove cage”
Monique Bass Preamp

This handmade, all-tube tube preamp sports a 3-band EQ, plus controls for a line level q" output, an XLR balanced DI output driven by a Cinemag transformer, and input sensitivity that handles both passive and active pickups. The push-pull sensitivity and line level knobs are capable of a 4db gain increase. The line level output goes directly to the input jack of an amplifier, but its 10KΩ output impedance also connects to an effects loop, a power amp input, or a line input jack. Monique is available in a bamboo cabinet, in an all-steel “dove cage,” in a two-space 19" rack, in a desktop model, and bundled with an 800-watt Demeter Minnie D power amp.
Street Rackmount and desktop, $1,185; caged, $1,300; bamboo, $1,800; with Demeter power amp, $2,035

 Two-space 19" rack  Demeter Minnie 800D power amp
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