BBE Sonic Maximizer 282i Series
Wed, 15 Jan 2014
BBE Sound is pleased to announce the release of its 282i series of Sonic Maximizers using a compact chassis measuring just 10.6 x 8.3 x 2.4” and offering a choice of three popular I/O formats:
• 282iX - balanced XLR
• 282iQ - unbalanced ¼"
• 282iR - unbalanced RCA and 3.5mm mini

The new 282i Series Sonic Maximizer models are perfect for smaller DAW workspaces, DJ systems, guitar/bass rigs or desktop playback – anywhere rack space is limited.  Just like the popular 882i and 482i rack-mount models, 282i models employ BBE’s dynamic, program-driven technology engineered to improve clarity, texture and detail by compensating for loudspeaker phase and amplitude distortion.

MSRP for all 282i models is $142.00.
More information at
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