G-Sonique BigQ Envelope Follower/Filter
Tue, 7 May 2013
Envelope follower / multifilter. Cutoff (frequency) of filter is controlled by amplitude of input signal. Louder you play more intensive cutoff frequency of filter is modulated.

Top features:
- 4 selectable filters (low pass, high pass, band pass, peaking)

- Envelope follower module with attack and release knobs, which modulate filter´s cutoff frequency

- Envelope amount knob

- Input gain knob – louder is input signal more significantly is modulated filter frequency/cutoff

- Dry/Wet knob – set ratio between dry and wet (effected) signal

- Up/Down switch – cutoff frequency of filter can be modulated in negative or positive direction (up or down)
- Analog drive switch adds little bit of warm

- Bypass switch

Introductory price: 4,90 Eur

More info: http://www.123creative.com/plug-ins-synthesizers/445-bigq-envelope-follower-filter-virtual-guitar-vst-plugin-stompbox.html
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