G&L MJ-4
Sat, 26 Jan 2013
Evolution is about enhancing and expanding desirable traits while reducing unwanted traits. That was Leo Fender’s mission for G&L, and that’s exactly what the new MJ-4 bass accomplishes. The active MJ-4 features G&L’s new 
Bi-Coil Alnico V pickups and MJ-spec preamp/control system for a huge range of single-coil tones, from classic jazz to far beyond, all without single-coil hum.

A G&L Alnico Bi-Coil pickup looks just like a classic Alnico single-coil, but under the cover are two side-by-side coils configured in series-humbucking mode. These new pickups are optimized for a specially tuned version of G&L’s studio-quality M-spec preamp and control system, dubbed MJ-spec. The 18v system features volume, pan and +/-14dB 3-band EQ with center detents, and is powered by twin 9v batteries housed in an easy-access compartment. With an LF442 chip, 100v poly caps, 1% metal film resistors and big, fat signal traces on the mil-spec circuit board, this preamp reveals everything the player and the instrument have to offer.

The new MJ-4 Active Bass features:

•    G&L Bi-Coil pickups for classic tone without the hum
•    MJ-spec studio-quality 18v preamp
•    Primary volume and pan controls
•    +/-14dB 3-band EQ with center detents
•    Impeccable, familiar “feel” of the instrument in the hands and on the shoulder
•    11/2” nut-width, medium-C neck profile
•    Medium-jumbo, Plek-dressed frets

The MJ-4 starts at $1,700 MSRP. 
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