Keatona JWK Instrument Interface
Thu, 11 Jul 2013
KEATONA division of Mission Electronics Corporation of Nevada announces the introduction of the JWK series of professional electric instrument interface electronics.
The JWK series is modular in physical and electrical composition. The system is highly customizable with the standard configuration consisting of a preamp module, a dual effects I-O module, a dual high-power headset monitor module and a three-channel D.I. line driver module. The fifth module position can hold another D.I. module or a blank panel with the user’s imprinted insignia. All front panel modules are LED back-lit which can be disabled by a rear panel switch. The back plane holds one universal linear power supply and has space for an additional power supply permitting fully redundant operation.
Features include:

High input impedance, adjustable with combination pad and impedance control

Illuminated global mute pushbutton
Direct preamp output available at FX loop send jacks
Dual effects send and return jacks with return signal level adjustable from 0-100%

Dual, high-volume headset amplifiers for headphones and tuners
Three balanced, high-level D.I. outputs select FX.A or FX.B busses per each line driver module.
Cost depends on configuration. Base price: $1,775.00
For additional information, visit
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