New Gear: June 2011
Wed, 1 Jun 2011
AER Amp Three

BP0611_ng_Amp3_nr1Germany’s AER (Audio Electric Research, for those keeping track) has come out with a 200-watt, 2x10 combo with 3-band semi-parametric EQ and a built-in compressor. The Amp Three weighs in at 35 pounds. Welkommen!

Street $2,000
















Snark QTSN1 Clip-On Tuner

BP0611_ng_Snark_nrAll right, wise guy—clip the Snark on your headstock for a quick tune-up. The QTSN1 also features a tap-tempo metronome.

List $29























Gibson Thunderbird Short Scale Bass

BP0611_ng_Gibson_nrWith its 30w” scale, this little ’birdie is sure to attract rockers with smaller wingspans. The fledgling T-Bird features a mahogany neck and body, 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, black hardware, and twin Gibson humbuckers.

Street $1,550







Carvin Brian Bromberg B24 & B25 Basses

BP0611_ng_Carv1_nrCarvin’s new Bromberg signature basses feature an alder body, ebony fingerboard, and RAD-J alnico single-coil pickups that follow the curvature of the fingerboard radius. Boatloads of custom options are available on the neck-through Bromberg basses.

Street B24, $1,200; B25, $1,290












TC Electronic RH750

BP0611_ng_RH750_nrTC Electronic has upped the power quotient in its RH family of bass heads with the 750-watt RH750. The head boasts a built-in tuner and TC’s signature TweeterTone, SpectraComp, and TubeTone controls.

Street $1,400





MTD Kingston Andrew Gouche Signature Bass

BP0611_ng_MTD_nrA burl maple top, purpleheart fingerboard, Bartolini pickups, and a custom purple finish all adorn MTD’s new signature bass for gospel great Andrew Gouche.

Street 5-string, $1,990; 6-string, $2,190

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