Review: Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle "Retro Future"
Tue, 19 Mar 2013

There’s not a more happening corner of the globe right now than Brooklyn, New York, and that extends to the music scene. Keyboardist/producer Jesse Fischer’s latest, with his three-horn septet, Soul Cycle, is as timeless as the borough in which it was recorded. Seeking to explore technology’s affect on society over the last four decades, Fischer embraces ’60s/’70s soul jazz as a rhythmic and melodic base. From there, he draws upon an ample sonic buffet of electronica and hip-hop to enhance seven memorable originals and inspired reimaginations of “Aquarius,” “Electric Ladyland,” and “Landslide”— all while retaining an organic, “played” vibe.

On the bottom, Solomon Dorsey (currently on tour with José James) is a root revelation, pacing his phat feels with expressive step-outs from both ends of the neck on tracks like “Moon Ship,” “Digital Savanna,” “Midnight Dancer,” and “Keep the Faith.” It’s music that takes you to familiar new places.

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