Roundup: 7 Micro Combo Amps
Mon, 1 Jul 2013

GIVEN THE UBIQUITY OF GALAXIES, ANDROIDS, IPHONES, AND YOU-NAME-IT, IT’S EASY TO FORGET that just 10 or 12 years ago, the tools needed to execute the basic commands of a smartphone could easily gobble the surface area of your average credenza. In that same time span, the increased production of ultra-light Class D amplifiers and neodymium drivers has eased the burden of the weekend warrior’s dreaded schlep in a most welcome way. While future neodymium availability—due to the demand of that rare earth element as a component of said smartphones—remains to be seen, we’re hopefully optimisitic that in another decade, we’ll be reviewing pint-sized SVTs and 360s the size of soda cans. (A boy can dream. . . . ) Until then, we’ve rounded up a bevy of itty-bitty brutes for consideration. The increase in headroom, efficiency, and features in small combos has rendered the term “practice amp” all but moot; in the right setting and with the right support, a few of these shrimps could even hold their own on a proper gig. Dig.

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