Tech 21 VT Bass DI and VT Bass Rack
Wed, 30 Jan 2013
With the popularity of the SansAmp Character Series VT Bass pedals, Tech 21 received numerous requests for DI and rackmount versions. Being the kind of company that truly listens to its clientele and recognizing the natural progression of the line, Tech 21 responded.
The VT Bass DI pedal has been configured to incorporate a Blend control to adjust the amount and balance of direct instrument signal with the SansAmp circuitry, and a Bite switch to add a treble boost and tighten up the bass sound. It also features three outputs --1/4-inch, XLR and Parallel-- for multiple stage and studio applications. The VT Bass Rack also includes a Blend control, and features an XLR Output Level control for optimum performance with PA systems, Effect Loop with a Mix 50/50 switch for parallel or series operation, XLR output with selectable levels, and a buffered direct XLR output to provide a dry signal.
Both DI and Rack versions, as well as the original VT Bass and VT Bass Deluxe, deliver sounds from the early ‘60s to classic super valve to modern day mega crunch. Its unique Character control trans- ports you through decades of legendary bass tones by just turning a knob.
All VT Bass Series formats feature 100% analog signal path for warm, organic tones, and 3-band active EQ.
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