VOX Announces Apache Bass Guitars
Tue, 4 Sep 2012
VOX Amplification announces the Apache Series of bass guitars. The classic VOX Teardrop and Phantom basses gained numerous followers since their release in the 1960s. VOX has now re-visited these enduring designs in the all new Apache Series travel basses. The Apache1 Bass offers the iconic Teardrop body shape while the Apache 2 Bass features the Phantom body style. All models boast an onboard amplification system and four colorful finishes that complement their distinctive design. 
These basses are outfitted with a complete bass amp containing a full-sounding VOX 4" speaker that offers two powerful sound variations: Normal and Bright. A full complement of Gain, Tone, and Master Volume controls provides access to a wide range of tones. Powered by AA batteries, the built-in amp will run for approximately 26 hours. The Apache basses also contain a total of 66 built-in rhythm patterns. In addition to providing accompaniment, these patterns are ideal for rhythm training or for backstage warm-up before a concert.

The Apache 1 Bass is available in White; Seafoam; Salmon Red and 3-Tone Sunburst, while the Apache 2 Bass is available in White; Seafoam; Salmon Red and Black. All models will be available in November 2012, for a U.S. Street price of $349.
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