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Tom Petersson's Rock Your Speech uses songs and lyric videos to build language skills in children with autism

This YouTube video spoofs common things heard from bass players in the studio

Fans of Harris and Maiden will find this album a testament to everything good about the band

Club Bonafide is owned by world-renowned, Cameroon born musician Richard Bona, and restaurateur Laurent Dantonio who owns two restaurants in...

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When I began this adventure more than four decades ago, I had no idea what it took to get a sound, let alone a tone or a voice.

Ben kenney is always raising the bar.

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L.A. indie-folk quartet Dawes goes in for gentle, singer-songwriter anthems on its latest album, but that doesn’t stop Wylie Gelber from put...

Leaving the spotlight to pedal-steel star Robert Randolph and organ wiz John Medeski, North Mississippi Allstars vet Chris Chew offers wide ...

For most bands, calling a five-song album an LP would be a stretch, but this Norwegian nine-piece experimental jazz/rock outfit takes listen...

They call themselves Legally Blynd because they’re oblivious to genre, and sure enough, this band of Bay Area badasses combines reggae, soul...

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