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April 17, 2017
From Jerry: 
Music heals us all.

I am calling upon anyone who has ever been the recipient of the gift of healing and inspiration through music. From the simplest mood changer to the most profound emotional awakening, music is an incredible tool. Today we are learning more about what happens when music meets the brain, and how the gift of music can provide relief to our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world, suffering from both spiritual and/or physical ailments. I am raising funds to complete a software program based on my system of composing music using colors.

It has been proven many times that music wakes up the brain. The software program I have started creating combines music with colors in a way that stimulates the senses and provides a level of comfort and love that only the cross referencing of sound and vision can produce. The initial software will be the final piece in developing a therapeutic and entertaining system for specifically for stimulating creativity in the brain.

With my history of concussions and subsequent ramifications, it has never been easy for me; After a series of concussions, between the age of three and five years of age, I became increasing withdrawn as a child and after surviving a drowning and severe car accident at the age of ten, my hearing, vision, lack of focus and balance problems had multiplied. I was learning how to live in fear and limbo. Had it not been for the inspiration of Paul Chambers bass playing, I would not have entered into the world of music and gain the courage, confidence and conviction to make my mark, inspire others, and receive the awards and acclamations that allow me to have a voice here today. The memory of Paul, his peers, other great artists, my ancestors, fans, students, friends, family and the patience of my loving wife Margo; continue to drive me onward.

As part of this project, you will receive “Bone to Bone”, a song that speaks to the interactive spiritual and mystical healing powers, of music; that I will record with my All-Star band. All participants will receive an exclusive download. The proceeds from here and downloads on iTunes will go towards the development of the ColorSoundMusic software.

Please join me today in helping to complete this mission.

We are not claiming any sort of medical breakthrough or even guaranteeing any results; but only wanting to create something that will someday in some small way help to uplift and engage someone who is suffering.

Mission, Risks and Challenges
This project is dedicated to the completion of a therapeutic software program based on my technique of composing music using colors, which directly engages people and hopefully helps to decrease the suffering from dementia, CTE, ADD/ADHD and other degenerative brain diseases. With a programming team in place and ready to go, the only risk we face is lack of funding for this most worthwhile and creative endeavor.
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