Ibanez BTB Premium

January 28, 2013
Designed for working pros, Ibanez’s popular Premium line of guitars and basses has now expanded to include their BTB bass series.
BTB fans sometimes refer to it as a “boutique-style” bass, and many of its design advantages are immediately evident to the veteran player: A longer 35” scale means slightly increased tension—particularly to the lower strings, negating any sense of string “floppiness.” The super-deep cutaway provides a musical invitation in the form of access to an entire higher octave. And precision crafted thru-neck is the most unified construction method possible. Closer inspection reveals an impressive Ibanez touch: A 7-piece maple/bubinga/walnut neck, a sight to behold for players who appreciate masterful woodcraft. And the USA-built Nordstrand “Big Single” pickups deliver fat single-coil tone.
“Players of any skill level can enjoy the BTB experience, but it’s really a joy to watch a player who’s developed his chops on a more standard instrument play a Premium BTB and really go to town on it,” says Hoshino USA Bass Manager Mao Nakamura. “It’s as if he or she has discovered a new world.”
Whether 5-string, BTB1405E (List $2,066.65) or 6-string BTB1406E (List $ 2,204.43) this Premium version takes BTB craftsmanship to the next level.
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