Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band "Made Up Mind"

September 20, 2013

TTB hasn’t quite gone the Gov’t Mule/Allen Woody route in replacing Oteil Burbridge (who is taking some downtime off the road, except for the Allman Bros.) but they are sampling a cadre of capable basshands, including Ted Pecchio, George Porter, Jr, Eric Krasno, Bakithi Kumalo, and Tim Lefebvre on the road, and Pino Palladino, Kumalo, Dave Monsey, and George Reiff on their potent new CD. The disc-opening title track boasts Pino’s tight 8th-note boogie, tuned down to Eb. Bakithi’s entrance halfway through the acoustic, Allman-esque “Idle Wind” brings out the song’s underlying samba pulse, while the riff-driven “Misunderstood” is muscled by his melodic funkrock 8ths. Elsewhere, Monsey’s pocket-tuned bouncy bass provides the drive on the soul-dipped “Part of Me,” and the glue on the 12/8 ballad, “Do I Look Worried,” while George Reiff riff-doubles and roots out “Whisky Legs.” Palladino returns for the last four band tracks, proving the perfect choice for the pop pace of “All That I Need,” with his tasteful pivots and fills in the vocal cracks. Full-force Pino finally emerges on “The Storm,” where, reminiscent of his equal third-voice role in the John Mayer Trio (and likely aware of Berry Oakley’s fingerboard flights) he issues ear-grabbing, inverted double-stops within the groove, and melodic step outs in the jam section. The bottom line? TTB is an intensely musical dream gig for bass players.


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