Warwick Bass Camp 2016 Video Interview with Scott Reeder

January 6, 2017

This year’s Bass Camp took place from August 28th to September 2nd of 2016 at Warwick in Markneukirchen/Germany, followed by the ReeveLand Music Festival on September 3rd. During the Bass Camp in 2016, we had the opportunity to talk extensively with the Warwick artists. All interviews were conducted by Nick Wells from Great Britain and recorded by the Warwick video team at the Warwick Headquarters in Markneukirchen.

 Bassist Scott Reeder, along with Josh Homme (frontman of Queens of the Stone Age), joined the band Kyuss, where he gained his notoriety of one of the founders of the Stoner Rock genre. Reeder was first heard on the legendary Stoner Rock album 'Welcome to Sky Valley', but already to be seen in the iconic music video 'Green Machine' by Kyuss.
Since the dissolution of Kyuss (1997), Reeder has been involved in numerous well-known band projects and is still active as a producer and solo artist.

His playing is different from other bassists not only due to Reeder being a left-handed player, but because he plays his strings right-handed (upside down). He tells us how this happened, among other things, in the interview with Nick Wells.
In the past, Warwick had already made several of these special Custom Shop Masterbuilt basses. In addition to the Bass Camp in 2016, another left-handed Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt bass with eight strings and Chrometone lacquer finish was made for him. The new bass is also a theme in the following interview. 
On January 5th of 2017, we promoted the Making Of this extraordinary chrome-flashing bass over Facebook and Instagram. Please spread it also online:
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