Warwick RockBass Triumph Upright Bass

January 18, 2013
imgStarting in 2013 the Warwick Triumph Upright Bass – made in Markneukirchen, Germany according to the original Framus designs of the early 1950s – will be available as RockBass model.
The body and neck of the RockBass Triumph Lite are made of Maple, with a Rosewood fingerboard. It will be only available as four string, fretless model. The scale length is 1040mm / 3⁄4 Eb.
RockBass piezo pickups catch the tone of the upright bass, along with passive electronics which were specially developed for the Triumph Lite.
The RockBass Triumph Lite is equipped with a wooden bridge, vintage style machine heads, a graphite nut and chrome hardware. The RockBass Triump Lite Upright Bass will be available in Solid Black Satin and Metallic Red High Polish Finish.
Flat body shape
Available as 4 string only
Available as fretless model only
Vintagestyle machine heads
Maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Scale length: 1040 mm / 3⁄4 Eb
Maple body
RockBass Piezo pickups
Passive RockBass electronics
Volume / Tone
Maple bridge
Chrome hardware
Available as Black High Polish, Cream White High Polish and Red Metallic Finish
Triumph Flatwound strings
Including Deluxe Triumph Lite Bass Bag (RB 20530 B) Weight*: 5,5 kg
Manufactured in China by RockBass
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