Gus Guitars Releases the Prince Tribute G3 Purple Special Bass

June 7, 2017
Shortly after receiving the guitar that I built for him, Prince asked me if I could build him a 'bass like the guitar'. It's been a year in the making, but I've now finished the bass that he commissioned and wanted to show what I built for him on his birthday.
The instrument is essentially a bass version of the Purple Special guitar, so naturally I've called it the Purple Special bass. It shares a lot of features in common with the guitar including chrome fibre elements to the construction, holographic gold fibre inlays, purple candy paint and high quality gold plating to all the metal-work.

The Purple Special bass is based on my G3 Four Active model and features Gus Tube humbucker and single coil pickups and a 3 band active EQ. The bass shares the same carbon fibre over Cedar construction, in common with all my Gus G1 and G3 instruments.
There's obviously an over-riding sadness to the project in the fact that Prince won't get to see or play the bass and this is a thought that's been with me throughout the construction process, but I felt it was important for me to finish it and to show people what I've built and for the bass to honour his legacy as one of music's most dazzling performers. 
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