Stonefield Musical Instrument Company Basses Now Offered Through Bass Direct

March 17, 2017
Bassists throughout the UK and Europe will be pleased to learn that Bass Direct, the UK's largest bass retailer, is now holding basses from Stonefield Musical Instrument Company in stock. The collaboration is the result of discussions initiated over a year ago, at the 2016 London Bass Guitar Show. Tomm Stanley, founder of Stonefield Music says, "At the 2016 show Mark Stickley, the owner of Bass Direct, and I discussed the prospect of Stonefield being offered in their product line up. A big part of that discussion revolved around the fact that Stonefield was a relatively new brand at the time and we offered just the premium M Series instruments. Mark felt he needed something at a more affordable price point as well, so he decided to wait to see where we were going with things."

Tomm notes that while the idea of offering an instrument with a simpler spec was not an immediate part of his company's plans, he had to acknowledge Mark's retail expertise and understanding of what bass buyers are asking for, "I went back to the design room with this new focus in mind and a sense of urgency to make a lower priced Stonefield bass." That effort came to fruition last October, at the Bass Player Live show in in Los Angeles with the introduction of Stonefield's C Series instruments; basses that are designed to include all of the important design and playability features of a Stonefield but at lower price than their M Series instruments.

Fast forward to this year's London Bass Guitar Show on March 4th & 5th and the second face to face meeting for Stonefield and Bass Direct. Mark told us, "In the C Series instruments, Tomm pretty much created what I was hoping he would to round out Stonefield's offering. I really like the feel and the tone of their M Series basses. The engineering is stunning as well and all of that is still present in these instruments. While at a lower price, these are still great basses representative of what the Stonefield brand stands for. We're carrying the C Series in stock and are happy to take orders for the M Series. All in all, we're really pleased to have the Stonefield range now in our line-up."

Tomm tells us there are now Stonefield owners in four different countries and we've got no doubt that Bass Direct is just the first of a growing trend to bring these basses, with all of their revolutionary design features, closer to people who might want to try before they buy. Check out to see the full range of M and C Series basses and for players in the UK and Europe look in at to see the Stonefield basses now available closer to home. 
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