Stonefield Musical Instrument Company Releases the Freekbass Signature Model

June 23, 2016
Stonefield Musical Instrument Company and Freekbass are pleased to announce their collaboration, with Freekbass signing on as an endorsing artist and Stonefield’s release of the Freekbass Signature Model.

Stonefield and Freekbass first met in March of this year at the London Bass Guitar Show. Little did either realize at that initial meeting that a working relationship was going to grow over the next several months. Stonefield founder Tomm Stanley recalls, “My workshop assistant Rhys Williams and I were only just beginning to unpack our shipping boxes and if I recall properly we were the only exhibitor even in the hall at that point. We had just one bass set-up and tuned, no amps, no tables, no chairs ... nothing ... and out of nowhere Freekbass walks up to us, introduces himself and asks if he can have a play on one of our basses. I'm looking at Rhys, he's looking at me and I just remember thinking, "where the heck did he come from?"

He played the instrument acoustically, sitting on a cardboard shipping box, in a basically empty exhibit hall. A couple of minutes later Rhys got a second bass tuned and scooted over, laying in a bit of a groove; Freekbass went with it. Rhys was grinning for an hour afterward, "I just had a jam with Freekbass; what a cool dude!"
Freekbass came back to the stand several more times and of the meeting says, “I was lucky enough to run into Tomm and Stonefield at this year's London Bass Guitar Show. It's not often when you sit down with an instrument that you’ve never played before and feel at home. The neck and fretboard were the first things out of the gate, with the perfect level of comfort and playability. I’m a big believer of fate, and don't think things happen just by accident. That is the feeling I had when I first picked up the Stonefield Bass.

Of his next stop into the Stonefield stand Freekbass continues that, “Once I flipped the amp on, the tone and low-end were perfect with a very nice and round definition and then … this amazing range of tonal options in a passive circuit. Remarkable.

I saw and played a ton of basses that weekend, but I kept coming back to the Stonefield. Keep in mind, I was not at the show to shop, and was not looking for a new bass, but just like when Superman hears the calling of the crystal for the Fortress of Solitude, this bass seemed to be calling to me.”

“After the show I flew back to the States. I looked up Stonefield online at and had another peek at what I had seen and played. Not long after Tomm sent me a cheeky Facebook message saying, ”Hey man, you left your Stonefield in London!” We talked for a long time and both came to the realization that if we combined minds a bit we might come up with something pretty special.

With a bit of my madness mixed with Tomm and Stonefield's knowledge, design, and vision we now have the Freekbass Signature Model which feels like the future. The Fortress of Bass Solitude is now built and I am ready to FLY"
For more information visit: Stonefield Music
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