Alleva-Coppolo Bass Day in San Diego

| March 1, 2011

So what did you do Valentine’s Day weekend? Take your sweetheart to a romantic dinner that involved candlelight and chocolates? Not me. To prove my undying affection for the bass, I spent that weekend in San Diego at the Alleva-Coppolo Valentine’s Day Bassacre. The event was a kind of “hang” for local bass players from the SoCal region (though one guy flew in from Australia for it and another from Canada!). Bass San Diego, a local high-end bass guitar store, hosted the event, offering a beautiful main showroom, where people could check out all kinds of gear. The venue also offered a few smaller practice rooms for players to take basses and amps for a test run. I loved the place. It was spacious and made everyone feel quite at home. Guest bassists included Oskar Cartaya and Bobby Vega (below, l-r), along with several A-C players who brought their personal basses to let other see and play.

 Alleva Coppolo day 2

Vendors on hand included Dave Boonshoft from Aguilar Amplification, Peter Montessi of A-Designs Audio, luthiers Rob Elrick, Rob Allen, and Pat Wilkins, iGig, and local inlay artist Arlene Goular. The event was basically just the afternoon, from around 1–5pm, and it was filled with some good grooves, thanks to Oskar and Bobby, and a few local guys as well. Jimmy Coppolo was on hand to chat about his instruments, and the main stage offered attendees a ray of Alleva-Coppolo basses to try out, including Jimmy’s most recent venture into the six-string realm.

About 75 players attended the event, which seemed perfect for the space. I had a great time and hope Jimmy and San Diego team up again next year to do it again, although, if it’s around Valentine’s Day again, I should probably bring my wife along with me and do that candlelight/chocolate thing as well. —Rod Taylor

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