Dig My Rig, April 2011(2)

May 04, 2011

Dig My Rig!


I play a ’76 Fender Precision Bass, a ’96 Ernie Ball Sterling, and a Rogue 8-string (a steal at $250) through a Markbass F1 into either an Epifani 2x12 or a homemade cabinet that contains an 18" subwoofer, a 10" driver, and a 6.5" midrange horn. I am a good woodworker, but I had the black tolex and salt & pepper grille done by local pros to finish the job nicely. The cabinet is wired as two 8Ω sides, with the 10" driver seeing a full-range signal and the 18" and 6.5" sharing a crossover at 1Khz. The cab can be used with just the 10" (great Ampeg-esque rock sound), the accurate full-range fidelity of the 18" and 6.5" alone, or both circuits together for a wall of sound. —Jon Reese, via email

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