Dig My Rig, February 2011

January 27, 2011

bp0211_com_dig1_nrI DON’T THINK I’LL EVER BE MORE portable than this: I’m running a Mark Bass Little Mark Tube 800 into two Acme Sound B1 3-way cabinets. The whole thing weighs less than your average 5th grader and has about the smallest stage footprint of anything I’ve seen on stage. I can pile it into the back of a Smart Car, which means rock star parking at any downtown gig.

Between the attenuation on the cabinets and the amp’s VLE and VPF filters, I can really manage what I’m hearing from the bass itself. Joe Barden Engineering developed a vintage replacement set of pickups specifically for the Rickenbacker 4003, which I recently had installed to increase output and eliminate noise. Don’t worry—the growl didn’t go away. If anything, the JBE’s let you hear more of what a Ric is supposed to sound like. What I especially like about the JBE’s is that they install perfectly into the Ric’s existing hardware, keeping it looking 100%. —EVAN MELLICHAMPE, VIA EMAIL

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