DIG THAT RIG, Holiday December 2010

December 07, 2010


My live rig gets a lot of attention everywhere I play. The signal path goes as such: Wireless through an X2 XDR95, fed into a Line 6 Bass PODxt Pro with a 2-channel output. My main sound is running fullrange into a BBE Sonic Maximizer, channel A of a Crest Audio V1100 power amp and into a very sweet Bergantino HT210 2x10 cabinet. The 210 delivers bass all the way down to 38Hz at 400 watts, so it’s usually all I need. The second channel goes into a Rane SAC22 Variable Crossover, the maximizer, the amp, and then a JBL 18" subwoofer for extra oomph at larger gigs. Behind the scenes in the 18-space rack are a few LED light bars, glowing variable colors through diamond-patterned rack vents. Plus an American DJ flame light on top for extra glow. The rig looks as warm as it sounds, and the effect live on a dark stage is just outstanding!

The basses are a handmade Neuser 5-String Cloudburst and a Warwick Pro-Line Corvette 4-String. —DONI SODL, MARYSWILLE, WA

Got a rig you want everyone to dig? Send a brief description and photo to digmyrig@gmail.com.

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