Dig That Rig, November 2010

October 25, 2010

bp1110_comm_dig_nrLeft: A late-’60s 200-watt Kustom Frankenstein on top of a 4Ω Kustom cabinet with three 15" CTS speakers.

Center: 400-watt reissue Kustom head on top of a 4Ω Kustom cabinet with a 15" Eminence speaker and 15" Kustom horn and the world’s only double-neck (fretted + fretless) Zon bass with custom bartolini pickups and Sims LEDs.

Right: Early-’70s 200-watt Kustom head on a 4Ω Kustom cabinet with three 15" Altec 421s.
—Mark Mills, by email

Got a rig you want everyone to dig? Send a brief description and photo to digmyrig@gmail.com.

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