Dig That Rig: Vince Rule, Grass Valley, CA

| September 28, 2010

bp1010_comm_Dig_nrWHILE OUT GIGGING WITH MY SWR SM400S PRO SERIES AMP and Goliath cabinet, I wanted a little more bottom end but was not happy with the tone of most 15" bass speakers, and an 18 was too much. After doing some research, I found that JBL made an F series (for Fender) bass speaker in the ’70s. After playing a friend’s cabinet loaded with one, I had to have it due to its full range and depth—I had never experienced anything like it before. These JBLs have become increasingly rare as more bass players are onto their snoic value. After months of searching, I found one in mint condition in Hawaii, had it shipped to California and had a custom cabinet built for it.

The Fender logo is in honor of the JBL F-series speaker. Audio bliss is now mine!

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