Lemmy, The Movie, World Premiere at SXSW 2010

| March 16, 2010

Lemmy_FIlm_SXSWLove him or hate him, Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister is every bit a bass icon as anyone who could be nominated for that distinction, and the new documentary film Lemmy is a portrait of the artist that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is as legendary as it gets.

Three years in the making, the Lemmy biopic looks at his persona and musical legacy as the loudest bass player in the world, from his early days in the Rocking Vicars to his time with the space jam psych rock outfit Hawk Wind, to the fast and furious Motorhead. Digging deeper, the film also reveals Lemmy's love for the originators of rock & roll (Little Richard, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the Beatles, who he saw in a Liverpool club before they ever recorded any albums); his relationships with current rock stars and other celebrities like Dave Grohl, Billy Bob Thornton, Slash and Ozzy; it delves into his formative years (including a stint as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix); and briefly tackles his approach to playing bass -- mostly chordal, and extremely loud.

As press, Bass Player was granted access to the red carpet experience (see the photos HERE), which looked like a bigger big deal than it actually was, with much more in the way of planing and set up than there was in actual red carpet time for the band. Frankly, while they were all obviously stoked for such a to-do surrounding a movie about them, they also seemed a little short with it, which was nice to see because it backed up their reputation as down-to-earth guys, a point that film really drive home.

After the screening, there was a brief Q&A session with the film makers, Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, as well as Lemmy and Motorhead Drummer Mikkey Dee and guitarist Phil Campbell, which, though brief, was fun and informal, and revealed that there was MUCH more great footage captured than could be accommodated by the film's final edit (like a scene the filmmakers described in which Lemmy tests new signature Marshall amps with his signature Rickenbacker). This, of course, already has us salivating for the DVD release, which will reportedly contain quite a bit of this cutting-room-floor footage.

While especially of interest to bass players (and specifically hard rock and metal bass players), Lemmy is a film that will appeal to lot of music fans. It really is a stellar rock doc.

CLICK HERE to visit the official Lemmy, The Movie web site, and watch the film trailer below (CAUTION: some language and themes contained therein might be objectionable to delicate sensibilities, and might not be suitable for children)…

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