Victor Wooten Music Nature Camp, Day 2

| June 24, 2011

By Rod Taylor

Another great day at Wooten Woods. Victor’s brothers, Reggie and Roy (Futureman), showed up yesterday, and Victor and his sibs played a bit for us before lunch, accompanied by Bob Franceschini on sax. In the afternoon, Victor and Steve Bailey led one of the rotations and focused on soloing techniques, paying particular attention to making the best of just a few notes. Campers were asked to solo over two simple chords, first with as many notes as they want, but then with only one. It was amazing how much more musical their solos sounded after going through this exercise. It reminded me of how important it is to make every part you play sound good, whether it’s simple or complex.


As I mentioned yesterday, my role here centers on teaching archery. In preparation for that, yesterday afternoon we had to move six 1,200 lb hay rolls into place to act as backstops to our targets. Victor, Steve Bailey, myself, and about 15 other campers set ourselves to the task. Steve quickly decided it would be more fun to stand on top of the hay rolls than to push them (Steve seemed more comfortable surfing the hay than pushing it). What started out as a laborious task quickly became fun as each group raced to roll the hay over 200 yards to get it in position. The whole time, Steve stood perched on a hay roll and shouted out encouragement.  We got the rolls in place for tomorrow and were none the worse for the wear. You never know what will happen next here.


For example, last night campers received a Kung Fu lesson from Sifu Brian Edwards, master of Wing Chun. After that, we were benefited from a surprise visit from master bass looper Steve Lawson ( He gave an impromptu concert, producing all kind of sounds on his instrument not normally associated with bass. Very cool stuff going on here at music camp, and people are already saying that they are taking home so many applicable ideas from all aspects of the camp.


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