2015 Sponsors & Exhibitors

August 5, 2014
Thanks to Our 2015 Bass Player LIVE! Sponsors!
With nearly 50 years of rich sonic history, Acoustic Amplification has helped legendary players create their signature tone with unparalleled power via an assortment of rugged and versatile amps. With a full range of heads, cabinets and combos, today's bassists, guitarists and acoustic-instrument players can benefit from “The Pro’s Tone” while enjoying all the advantages of these thoroughly modern designs. With expansive tone-shaping options, built-in effects, onboard compression and power to fill any size room, the Acoustic amp line has never been more versatile… or more affordable. Whether you’re a bassist, electric guitarist or acoustic player, there’s an Acoustic amp designed specifically for you. Test drive one today and see why this legacy lives on.
Aguilar Amplification is a manufacturer of high quality bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, bass effects pedals, bass pickups and preamps and is located in New York City. Our goal is to make great tools for bass players. At Bass Player LIVE!, Aguilar will once again share a sound stage with Blast Cult, Spector Basses, and Dunlop Manufacturing. Don’t miss your opportunity to be among the first to try the latest Aguilar pedals and pickups.
Since 1949, Ampeg's commitment to amazing tone has been proven through classic designs like the B-15 and stage-dominating SVT. Ampeg is the signature sound of professional bassists the world over. Today, Ampeg is dedicated to this rich heritage with amazing reissues like the Heritage SVT and lines like the Portaflex Series, delivering classic Ampeg tone and looks in modern designs built for performance. Our expansive selection of heads and cabinets has something for any player of any style. From amazingly portable combos like our BA Series and arena-rattling SVT rigs to the ultra-lightweight and powerful Pro Neo cabinets, Ampeg has the tone you want in an amp that's right for your application.
Founded in 1997, Ashdown Engineering is a family-run British manufacturer of high quality bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and pedals. From practice to performance, Ashdown Engineering offers a full line of amplification solutions to suit the needs of all bass players. At Bass Player LIVE!, Ash down Engineering will be proudly demonstrating their versatile range of amplifiers.
Your one stop shop for bass support gear. Built by a bass player for bass players! Our selection and expertise sets us apart. Get professional assistance determining what strings are best for the sound and feel you desire. Alternate tunings? No problem! We offer strings and accessories from all leading manufacturers including singles and custom string sets. There for you 24 hours a day, we strive to give you the best service possible.
BeatBuddy was invented out of frustration at not being able to find a drum machine that enabled hands-free live control. Other drum machines were either complicated table-top devices that are difficult, if not impossible, to control while jamming, or are poorly made afterthoughts in loopers that grant no control of a single repetitive beat loop -- no fills, no rhythm changes, no accent hits, no tap tempo, no pause/unpause feature, and of course no computer interface. 
Bugera does it right. We don’t just buy off-the-shelf components and stuff‘em into cabinets. Doing things right takes major resources. First, we are obsessive about valve selection. Second, we’re one of the few companies that actually makes every major amp and cabinet component — all the way down to the voice-coil windings and cones of our custom-built speakers. And third, we’re quality control freaks who know how to use high tech production methods to get vintage results. 
Dan Lakin is getting back into the market with a line of traditional designs made at a quality level found in instruments at 3 times the price. Oil finish on the back of the neck, bone nut, and all USA Hipshot hardware complete the package. D.Lakin Basses are the real deal and are a real deal! With signature models from Joe Osborn, Bob Glaub, and Rick Rosas all basses are covered. 
D’Addario strings XL product line offers a wide selection of alloys & string constructions designed to help you play your way! Planet Waves offers a wide variety of straps, cables, and smart tools designed to make your life easier! 
"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." - C. G. Jung. It's not just about making your sound better, is about creating, developing and improving again and again, to give you just the best. Innovation is our main aim: giving our customers the highest sound technology, handmade quality and aesthetic finish. It's not just our job, is our passion and we love what we do. 
Your hearing is your greatest gift! Dr. Rockmore's Brand strives to educate and help musicians preserve and protect their hearing. We offer affordable and practical hearing protection products as well as easy to read information about hearing protection. We strive to educate and help musicians preserve and protect their greatest gift... The gift of hearing. Don't Screw with your hearing! 
Since 1965, Dunlop Manufacturing has been the world’s largest supplier of musical accessories. Our commitment to bass players is shown by the array of bass products that we create under the banners of Crybaby, MXR Bass Innovations, Dunlop Strings, Straplok, Dunlop Picks, the Formula 65 Product Line, and Dunlop Straps. We are proud to share a room with Aguilar Amplification, Blast Cult, Spector Basses, and Zon Guitars. Please stop by Stage #3, the “cool room,” to meet our artists and enter our amazing giveaway! 
EarthQuaker Devices has been building guitar effect pedals entirely by hand in lovely Akron, Ohio since 2004. 
Since 1988 EBS Sweden AB has been designing and manufacturing professional equipment for bass players. The idea and concept for EBS is to develop and build innovative musical equipment geared towards professional and semi-professional musicians, always improving the professional profile of EBS. 2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of the company. 
For over 30 years Eden has been revered for its trademark amplifier, speaker, and cabinet designs that produce dynamic hifi bass tone. From the World Tour Series heads to the highly requested XLT and XST cabinets, our products have become the standard for touring professionals worldwide. 
Elixir ® Strings has recently unveiled its enhanced and extended line of strings for bass guitar. For their redesign, the string coating specialist worked closely with bass players around the world to introduce a complete range of Nickel Plated Steel and Stainless Steel Strings. New and refined gauges, and single strings give bassists a tool to find exactly what works for them. Elixir Strings’ entire range of round wound bass strings benefit from a more enhanced NANOWEB ® Coating that provides greater durability and response during hard hitting attacks, and an enhanced grip. By optimizing string tension profiles, flexibility and feel, Elixir Strings now deliver an enhanced playing experience. Great tone, long tone life, smooth, natural feel, reduced finger squeak and consistent performance is what bass players have come to expect from Elixir Strings. And thanks to the unique coating technology, Elixir Strings retain their tone longer than any other bass string, coated or uncoated*.
In 1962, veteran player and teacher Ernie Ball created Slinkys®, the iconic light gauge electric guitar strings widely revered by hundreds of guitar greats including Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Paul McCartney, The Edge and John Mayer. In addition to industry-standard strings as well handcrafted Music Man® guitars and basses, Ernie Ball Inc. offers state-of-the-art instrument accessories that are carried in more than 6,000 stores in the U.S. and 120 countries worldwide.
One of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality guitars and basses. Now a world-renowned, highly respected instrument manufacturer, the ESP Guitar Company had its humble beginnings as a custom shop in the rear of a Tokyo music store. It was 1975 when ESP founded a chain of retail stores called Electronic Sound Products, or ESP for short. In 1983, ESP began making replacement parts and accessories for the booming guitar market.
F Bass has been handcrafting instruments out of Hamilton, ON, Canada since 1978 The F bass design has evolved over 35 years of creating, repairing and studying other instruments, and it has been our desire to learn from and improve upon those designs. We hope that these refinements create a niche away from basses that sound and feel “high-tech”. Whether it be a Fender inspired 4 string P bass or an original design 6 string fretless with an exotic top and Piezo pickup system, we want our instruments to sound organic and true to the tonewoods used. 
GHS produces a full line of strings for fretted instruments: electric, acoustic, and classical guitar; electric bass; banjo; mandolin; pedal and steel guitar and more. ALl GHS products are manufactured with one objective - to provide players with products that continually exceed their expectations. Innovation has been a key since 1964. Now, 35 years later, GHS Strings is a top brand in the global market. 
Höfner was established in 1887 by Karl Höfner who was followed by two of his sons and his grandaughter in developing the company into a world leading instrument manufacturer. Today we are the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments in Western Europe exporting products throughout the world through our extensive dealer network. 
The foundation on which we’ve built our reputation is simple... we listen to the needs of musicians. From our most distinguished artist signature models (like Gerald Veasley and Gary Willis) to our Ibanez Prestige basses (crafted in Japan by award-winning luthiers with over 100 years of collective experience) to our ever-expanding line of Premium basses (pro instruments within reach of the working player) we make basses that surpass expectations. We’ve developed ground-breaking body, neck, and component improvements that have been applied across the entire range of Ibanez basses. Every step of Ibanez’s construction process has been carefully refined with meticulous attention to detail... a key factor that has led to Ibanez being one of the top selling bass guitar brands in America. 
Having been awarded two Bass Player Editor Awards, the Kala U-BASS is truly a ground breaking short scale (21") bass that produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument and is tuned in traditional bass tuning. Available in fretted and fretless, and 5-string models, the U-BASS is strung with proprietary strings that reproduce incredible bottom end both live and in the studio.  
Manufacturer of high-quality, 100% hand crafted Bass Guitars since 1979. When I started this business there were no custom bass parts available, bridges or even electronics other than what you could buy in a music store which was very little. My profession back then as stated on my Tax Return was still ‘Professional Musician’ and not Luthier, as if the IRS would have a clue if it did .... Here we are now over 30 years later still making the Smith Basses in 4, 5, 6 and 7string models as requested by Bass Players from around the world of all ages, walks of life as well as Professional or Amateur and everything in between. Our Bass Strings and related Accessories have made an equal impression amongst musicians as well. Our Basses are made today with most of the same methods we used in the beginning with only basic woodworking tools and our custom made fret slotting saw as we do not have any automated machines here. In fact, we make our Basses closer to the way that old Violins were made rather than anything resembling today’s industry type Guitar making methods. Slow is fine with us as each Bass is individual, just like the player that is buying it. 
Since 1946 Kiesel and Carvin Guitars have been building the highest quality guitars, basses, and instrument parts for pro and hobbyist musicians alike. A complete lineup of guitars and basses including bolt neck, neck through, acoustic/electric, and even headless basses is available. By selling direct our custom shop is able to offer instruments made from the highest quality materials and components for 1/3 the price as most retailers and built in as little as 8 weeks. Hundreds of options including exotic woods, inlays, fretwire, hardware, pickups, electronics, and more allow you to order an instrument perfectly suited to your style.
La Bella Strings is America’s oldest incorporated and continuously family-owned & operated music string manufacturer. 2012 marks the 100-year anniversary of the company. Since the emergence of the electric bass guitar in the 1950’s, La Bella bass strings have been the first choice of the most relevant players in contemporary music history. In keeping up with our fine tradition of hand-made products, our artisans utilize old world craftsmanship and modern expertise to create the world’s finest bass strings. 
LoPHAT Cabinets is dedicated to building the highest quality product that offers superior sound and flawless construction, our number one goal, since inception, has been to combine excellent design and exacting craftsmanship into a package optimized for the LoPHAT tone that every bass player deserves, whether it be at rehearsal, a gig, in the studio or practicing in your room. For musicians desiring flexibility in arranging their system, LoPHAT Cabinets are designed to be intermixed and stacked either vertically or horizontally. In addition, an easily installed/removed cart dolly is available to aid in transporting each LoPHAT Cabinet. "Each cab is loaded with high performance neodymium drivers with high-end specifications to provide demanding performance." For musicians desiring flexibility in arranging their system, LoPHAT Cabinets are designed to be intermixed and stacked either vertically or horizontally.
Luthiers Access Group was established in 1995 with the intent of finding the hidden gems among the bass builders of the world, and then putting their basses into the hands of players here in the United States and abroad. Merely being “different” or “new” is not enough. The bass must be a truly great instrument. Dan Lenard and Luthiers Access Group continue to seek out such talent and present those custom basses to you, the bass community. 
Mayones instruments are truly handmade in a traditional luthier style accompanied with state-of-art technology and equipped with top class  components. Every guitar and bass follow the same production routine: take the skills and the experience of our crew, implement strict quality standards at every step of production and add the elusive touch of our love to guitars. The result is always the same – a top notch instrument with soul and built-in inspiration. 
Mesa/Boogie® Ltd. (also known as Mesa Engineering®) is a leading innovator in bass guitar amplification technology whose product line includes the M6 Carbine™ M9 Carbine™, the portable M-Pulse® Walkabout® Series and most recently the all-tube Bass Prodigy™ Four:88™ and Bass Strategy™ Eight:88™Founded in California in 1969, the company’s full line of guitar and bass amplifiers, cabinets, pedals and accessories are
still meticulously handcrafted in their Petaluma, CA shop. 
Michael Tobias Design (MTD) is a maker of four-, five-, six-, and seven-string basses. MTD’s instruments are designed and were originally manufactured by luthier Michael Tobias in Woodstock and Kingston, New York, USA. American made MTD models include the 435 (four string, 35"-scale electric bass guitar), 535 (five-string, 35"-scale electric bass guitar), 635 (six-string), and 735 (seven-string), and US Saratoga 4 and 5 (34" 21 fret). MTD also manufactures the less expensive Kingston instrument series in China, including the Saratoga, CRB, Artist, Heir, Z4, Z5, Z6, and ZX. The Kingston series basses, strings and accessories are distributed by Dana B Goods. 
Founded in the heart of Hollywood in 1977, Musicians Institute (MI) is a College of Contemporary Music. This unique college offers a complete education in every aspect of the music industry, including instrumental performance, composing for video games, audio engineering, guitar building, music business, and training in the latest music technology. Through real-world experience and guidance from working professionals, students can earn a variety of degrees and certificates, while taking advantage of networking opportunities at its state-of-the-art Hollywood campus. MI connects students to the global music industry with all the tools they need to enhance their careers and pursue their artistic dreams.
Founded by Ned Steinberger, NS Design instruments are respected by artists worldwide for their dynamic blend of performance, player comfort, and extraordinary visual appeal. New from NS Design: the NS Radius 5-string bass guitar, fretted or fretless, featuring a set of design innovations genuinely worthy of a new Ned Steinberger classic. The NS line-up also includes an array of outstanding electric upright basses, the Omni Bass and electric cellos. 
Founded in 1985, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a leading manufacturer of quality instruments in Stevensville, Maryland. PRS’ team of highly skilled craftspeople produces over 1,000 electric guitars each month, as well as acoustic guitars, basses, and amplifiers, for worldwide distribution. The PRS brand also includes high-quality import “SE” lines of electrics, acoustics and amplifiers. Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Opeth, Mark Tremonti, Ricky Skaggs, Cody Kilby, Martin Simpson, Tony McManus, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Gary Grainger, and Wyzard are among the world-renowned artists currently playing PRS instruments and/or amplifiers. 
We are a small company from New Zealand, which makes analog guitar effect pedals. We are based in a small town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The decision to produce pedals came from a long lasting love affair with analog guitar equipment and from the knowledge that there were people who had been unable to get the 'sound' they were searching for. We strive to blend art and technology into our pedals. We aim to create devices that inspire the player - Sonically and Visually. We are dedicated to creating unique new pedals - not clones. 
BOSS has achieved legendary status among guitarists with a world-leading product line-up that includes compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, and more. Please be sure to visit us at BOSSus.com
Founded by Stuart Spector in the mid 1970’s, we are best known for our world famous original NS curved body design, designed with our good friend Ned Steinberger in 1977, and heard on so many recordings and seen on countless tours around the world for decades. Artist signature models include Mike Kroeger (Nickelback), Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen), Ian Hill (Judas Priest), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, many others), and Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse). 
As a custom to spec luthier, Stephen Sukop has been building some of the highest quality basses available for quite some time now. The small size of the off-grid northern New Mexico shop allows for very personal attention to the individual wishes of the customers. Only the finest of materials are used in the construction process, with emphasis on tone, feel and beauty. Available in several different models in 4,5,6 and 7 string configurations along with variable scale lengths.
After shaking up the bass market at NAMM 2009 TC Electronic has established itself as a full-fledged player in the bass world. Their full family of bass products including the flagship RH450 amp, the 1600 watt Blacksmith, the new TonePrint™ enabled BG250 combo and BH250 head as well as a full range of cabinets have readily been adopted by a variety of bass heavy hitters. Be sure to watch Nathan East at BPL! as he demonstrates the revolutionary TonePrint™technology live onstage! 
Tech 21 pioneered Tube Amplifier Emulation in 1989 with the introduction of their proprietary, 100% analog SansAmp technology. The SansAmp Bass Driver DI, in particular, is considered a ‘don’t leave home without itî piece of gear amongst bass players worldwide. Sixteen years after its debut in 1992, it won Bass Player magazine’s People’s Choice Award in both 2008 and in 2009 for Best Stompbox. Today, Tech 21 offers a full line of SansAmp pre-amps/signal processors, effects, and guitar and bass amplifiers, all of which are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. 
For more than a quarter of a century, TecAmp have immersed themselves in the world of deep tones: we analyze, harmonize and perfect your sound. We continually work on the optimization and development of our products and create new practical-orientated solutions. The close collaboration with professional musicians ensures necessary feedback, which is required to optimally adjust sound experiences and handling to bassist’s requirements. Precision German work at an international level. 
Our missions at Tensor Bass Guitars is to build great looking, playing and sounding bass guitars. All of our basses are made in our shop in southern California. We use domestic sources for wood and hardware. Our custom designed pickguards are manufactured by us using a proprietary laminating process. Our finishes are done by local artists who specialize in high quality paint work. 
Trickfish Amplification is dedicated to delivering a collection of killer products that will serve as valuable tools for discerning bassists as they seek inspiration for their artistic vision. The company is devoted to developing new products and re-imagining familiar products with the expressed intention of helping musicians realize their true potential. We share a common vision of intelligent design, precision, delectable tone and rugged durability in everything we build and we’re committed to providing impeccable customer service, service that’s commensurate with the quality we strive to deliver in every design we offer.
At Tsunami Cables we make it our goal to offer the best quality products at an affordable price. Cables designed to eliminate the need for having two sets of audio cables (an industry standard). Using a cable for studio recording and another for the road. Our cables are designed to handle both the road and the studio. As the customer, you have your choice of cable, connectors and even a variety of colored coverings. The ideal Pro Audio cable is one that gives you the clearest picture of your sound from the source (i.e. "guitar") to the input (i.e. "amp") with the least amount of resistance. We specialize in outfitting full band set-ups, pro recording studios and live venues. No project is too large or too small. Tsunami Cables, audio cables that deliver pure sound in any situation!! Are you riding the wave?
Wampler Pedals are designed and built in the USA to the highest possible standards. Each pedal is the work of Brian Wampler, the ultimate tone chaser, and will revolutionise your tone and bring your instrument to life. If you need to give your tone a gentle lift and width, change it slightly or give your amp a complete identity crisis by changing its character completely, a Wampler Pedal will be your first choice. 
Wayne Jones, premier Australian Bass player, producer and international charting recording artist in the Smooth Jazz genre will be showcasing his Wayne Jones AUDIO Hi Powered, Hi End Bass Cabinets & Bass Pre-Amp at Bass Player Live. As bass players we are always on the search for our perfect sound. No matter what style of music or what bass you use you want to be able to reproduce that bass’s sound, tailor your EQ & FX. Most cab companies get one speaker manufacturer to make their speakers. And they generally operate on a budget for a large turn over. I operate on building the best quality I can with no exception or expense spared. This is why my cabs cost a little more. You do get what you pay for. You simply can’t by a Ferrari for the same price as GM or Toyota.
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