Source Audio Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter

January 1, 2011

bp0111_gear_3905.jpgWITH THE RELEASE OF ITS INNOVATIVE Multiwave Bass Distortion (see Soundroom, March 2010) and Hot Hand motioncontrolled expression devices, Source Audio has really been throwing its weight around on the stompbox playground. The latest from the Massachusetts-based effects manufacturer, the Bass Envelope Filter, seems destined to distinguish Source Audio the as one of the cool kids on the block.

Cramming 21 filter effects into a stylish stompbox, the midsized Soundblox pedal is remarkable not only for its wide range of sounds, but also for the control it affords the player. Using the rotary knob at the top of the pedal selects any of 21 distinct filter effects, and the FREQUENCY and SWEEP RANGE knobs control the center point, depth, and direction— upward or downward—of that sweep. Set just off either side of noon, the SWEEP RANGE knob sets a shallow sweep; rolling it clockwise deepens its upward sweep, while rolling the pedal counterclockwise dials in a deep downward sweep. Similarly, the SPEED knob has dual function. Left of noon, it controls the effect speed on both the envelope’s attack and decay, while the other direction dials in the effect speed just on the decay.

Though it took a minute to get my head around all the different controls, it was time well spent, allowing me to dial in laser-like downward dyoops in one moment, and wonderfully wet upward bwaps in the next. The pedal is also compatible with Source Audio’s Hot Hand controllers. Though I didn’t have one on hand to test with the filter, I love the fact that it can effectively provide the player hands-free control of the effects sweep speed. All told, Source Audio’s Bass Envelope Filter is a praiseworthy pedal that’s poised to please any player looking to rock a range of filter effects.


Street $119
Pros Wide range of juicy filter effects
Cons None

Filter effects 2 pole low pass (1–7), 4 pole low pass (8–11), single peak (12–13), triple peak (14–17), peak and notch (18–19), phaser (20–21)
Power 9V DC or four AA batteries
Dimensions 7" x 4" x 2"
Weight 8 oz
Bypass Active analog
Made in China
Warranty One year limited

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