Siegmund Amplifiers Introduces the Big Boy 300 Watt Bass Amp

September 7, 2017

The Big Boy 300 is a Bass tube amplifier with high quality custom wound transformers. Simplicity in design and function creates the purest and most musical bass tones made available yet. The Big Boy has silky smooth big warm lively tube sound packing a powerful tight punch.



The overdrive tone and crunch is rich with even-order musical harmonics. Six KT120 power tubes in ultra-linear operation with Gain, 5-band EQ and Master Volume controls plus parallel FX loop and Preamp output and Power amp input. External bias and balance feature allows for easy adjusting and monitoring of the output tubes for ideal performance and sound quality.


-Handwired point to point terminal wiring
-300 Watt ultra-linear output with even-order harmonic break-up
-Versatile, interactive 5-band EQ
-True bypass Master Volume
-External class AB bias & balance adjust
-Unique no-compromise Custom Transformers by Mercury Magnetics
-Parallel FX loop with Preamp and Power amp access
-Highest quality NOS components
-Super quiet without any hum or noise

Vinyl/Tolex covered Head: $3695
Solid wood cabinet: $4095 

For more visit: Siegmund Amplifiers



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