Stephan Crump with Rosetta Trio, Reclamation

July 1, 2010

BP0710_bprec_Rec_nrStephan Crump with Rosetta Trio, Reclamation [Sunnyside]

Five years after recording music in the wake of 9/11, New York bassist Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio offers a stirring encore, an intimately recorded collection of music that is more emotionally direct than the group’s 2006 debut. There’s an airy spaciousness to much of the music created by Crump, acoustic guitarist Liberty Ellman, and electric guitarist Jamie Fox. Reclamation is hardly one-dimensional, though, as Crump hints at his musical influences on the sweetly laidback blues-tinged “Memphis,” turns to a hardedged indie rock approach on “Overreach,” and lays down a bossa-inspired groove on the bright, bouncy, aptly titled “Shoes, Jump.” “The Leaves, the Rain” is a decidedly pretty ballad built on phrases that leapfrog, overlap, and fade in and out of each other. And the ambitious “Pernambuco” begins with a symphony of knocking, tumbling, scraping, squeaking, hammering, and pounding before Crump’s deep, resonant bowing brings the melancholy piece to life.

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