Warwick Bass Camp 2013: Happy Campers

December 5, 2013

Top-Notch Profs & Students Converge At Warwick Bass Camp 2013

Warwick Bass Camp Professors (from top left): Wolfgang Schmid, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Jonas Hellborg, Steve Bailey, Leland Sklar, Günther Gebauer, Ove Bosch, Victor Brandt, Dick Lövgren, John B. Williams; Regi Wooten, Antonella Mazza, Alphonso Johnson, Andy Irvine, Stuart Hamm, Hellmut Hattler.
In the first week of September, 17 world-class bass players from throughout Europe and the United States arrived in the hamlet of Markneukirchen, Germany, for the second annual Warwick Bass Camp, presented in partnership with German-language magazine Gitarre & Bass. For four days of clinics held in and around the state-of-the-art Warwick factory, camp professors Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Alphonso Johnson, Leland Sklar, Jonas Hellborg, Steve Bailey, Stuart Hamm, and others joined 84 campers in an immersive experience that included long days in the classrooms and epic nights of after-hours jams that often paired profs with their students. The week-long camp culminated in Warwick’s annual Open Day, in which the factory opens its doors to the surrounding community for a day of free live music, factory tours, and meet-and-greets with artists that this year included Ryan Martinie, Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Evan Brewer, Divinity Roxx, Guy Pratt, T.M. Stevens, and Nick Schendzielos. Registration has begun for next years Warwick Bass Camp, which will run from September 1–6, 2014. For more information, head to warwick.de.

Steve Bailey offers cautionary advice to those who identify themselves as “solo bassists.”  Stuart Hamm illustrates facets of his signature style.
Reflecting on the thousands of sessions
he’s played on, Leland Sklar lays out
the practices and approaches
that make him a first-call player.

Dick Lövgren breaks down some of the across-the-bar rhythm complexity he employs with Meshuggah and Angry Loner. Splitting the classroom into two halves, Alphonso Johnson calls on individual students to create on-the-spot call-andresponse bass lines to emphasize the importance of listening.

Hellmut Hattler shows some of the techniques that make him one of the fiercest pickstyle players on either side of the pond.

John Patitucci discusses how his love for and devotion to both electric and upright bass has led down parallel paths.

In discussing the language of music, Victor Wooten emphasizes the importance of phrasing. After a long day in the classroom, Bass Camp students cut loose in after-hours jams that often included camp professors.

The epitome of cool, John B. Williams shares some of the experiences he’s had in his long career.

Regi Wooten challenges the class to dig deeper into the meaning of music, beyond what is taught in classroom. Ove Bosch emphasizes the importance of string muting with both right- and left-hand techniques.

Who are you? Jonas Hellborg challenges students to examine their own strengths and weaknesses as players.
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