Fender Bassman TV Ten, Fifteen and Duo Ten
6/1/2011 1:00:00 AM

SINCE KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK with its Precision and Jazz Basses, Fender has had a somewhat tougher go banking home runs in the bass amp field, bringing to the plate designs that have gotten more mileage among tone-savvy guitarists than gigging bassists.

Bag End PS18E-D
5/1/2011 1:00:00 AM

IF I WERE A BETTING MAN (AND MORE than a few fruitless casino encounters prove I’m not…), I’d wager powered cabinets become the next big trend in bass gear.

Ampeg Heritage B-15
3/15/2011 12:45:00 PM
AS PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING fashion journalist Robin Givhan would like us all to keep in mind, we are what we wear.
Carvin BX500
3/15/2011 12:45:00 PM
PURCHASING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS or pro audio gear online was once a leap of faith, but these days the straight-shooting approach of brands like Carvin has made it commonplace.
TC Electronic BG500
1/1/2011 1:00:00 AM

MY FIRST BASS AMP WAS A COMBO, a Peavey TKO 115 to be exact—a name that hinted at what I planned to do to audiences with my newly discovered rock & roll bass chops.

Grace Design m103
12/1/2010 1:00:00 AM

Bass players are easily divided into many sonic camps, each of which can be associated with a huge variety of gear.

65amps Apollo
11/1/2010 1:00:00 AM

The Ampeg B-15 is arguably the most celebrated amp in bass history.

Ampeg SVT-7PRO and PRO NEO PN-210HLF
10/1/2010 1:00:00 AM

AMPEG’S VENERABLE SVT-4PRO is one of bassdom’s most called-upon workhorses.

Markbass F500 and NY 604
7/1/2010 1:00:00 AM

WHEN WE DID OUR ROUND UP OF ULTRAlightweight heads back in the September ’07 issue, the Markbass F1 was perhaps my favorite performer. It wasn’t the lightest or smallest of the group (although it’s definitely light and small), but it

Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL, SVT-810E, & SVT-410HLF
5/1/2010 1:00:00 AM

THE AMPEG SVT HEAD IS A STALWART. Paired with an SVT 8x10 cabinet, it occupies a singular space in the bass-rig hierarchy. Players who crave massive volume and projection into a room with unparalleled punchiness and tube-y texture know that the SVT is the automatic go-to—just look at the average pro-level backline: SVTs are everywhere. The SVT achieved this status thanks in part to remarkable longevity; it’s been in constant production in one form or another since 1969. One substantial change, though, was the shift away from U.S. production that accompanied Loud Technologies’ purchase of the brand from St. Louis Music several years ago. While Ampeg has touted the quality and reliability of its Asian-manufactured gear, the clamor for a return to U.S. manufacturing was loud enough to precipitate the Heritage Series, Ampeg’s new high-end line that’s exclusively made in the U.S.A. at Loud Technologies’ Woodinville, WA facility.


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