Acoustic Amplification's New Generation of Bass Amps

By BassPlayer ,

Continuing the legacy of “the pro’s tone,” Acoustic is proud to announce the new Mark II series of bass amplifiers. Ranging from a 15-watt personal performance amp to an 800-Watt professional amp head & 8x10 speaker cabinet, the Mark II series offers premium features, incredible tone shaping, and unprecedented value.

There are 5 new combo amplifiers in the series:
B15 — 15 Watts, 1x10” personal rehearsal combo amplifier
B30 — 30 Watts, 1x12” rehearsal combo amplifier
B100 MKII — 100 Watts, 1x15” stage combo
B200 MKII — 200 Watts, 1x15” stage combo with switchable hi-frequency driver
B450 MKII — 450 Watts, 2x10” stage combo with switchable hi-frequency driver

2 high-power bass heads:
B300H — 300 Watts (4 ohms) professional bass head with direct output and link feature
B800H — 800 Watts (4 ohms), and includes foot-switchable mute, direct output, and link

3 bass speaker cabinets:
B810 MKII — 8x10” with switchable hi-frequency driver and 1200-Watt power handling
B410 MKII — 4x10” with switchable hi-frequency driver and 600-Watt power handling
B115 MKII — 1x15” with switchable hi-frequency driver, shelf port and 450-Watt power handling

260 MKII — 100 Watts, 1x10” ported cabinet and direct output for recording or live use

Each Mark II amp includes an overdrive channel with separate level control, and our new Acoustic-comp compression circuitry.

The stage combos and heads also feature a notch filter, shape control, effects loop, and a direct output section (including pre-post EQ switching and ground lift).

All Acoustic amplifiers are backed by our 3 year limited warranty.

This exciting lineup of Acoustic bass amplifiers is available at select resellers including Guitar Center and Musicians Friend.

The Acoustic amplification company was established in 1967 and has been producing renowned amps sought after for their enormous tone and power. For over 40 years, many players have trusted “The Pro’s Tone” for their signature sound, both on stage and in the studio. Acoustic® offers an ever-expanding line of stringed-instrument amplifiers for every type of player, from beginners to gigging professionals at prices everyone can afford.