Bag End CD-15 Loudspeaker

By BassPlayer ,

The first entry in the new Venus series of performance loudspeakers being launched by Bag End, the CD-15, wowed sound engineers who set them up at a performance stage at the recent NAMM Show. The new series is the smallest and most powerful Bag End produces, and capable of the most faithful sound reproduction, especially for complex transient sound.

Evan Lazarus, CEO of PazBro, which set up the CD-15 for the performance stage sound system, described it as “incredibly compact and easy to set up.”

“Mixing on this system is very easy and engineer friendly,” he said. “There was more than enough headroom to handle the demands of the loudest bands, and enough bottom end punch to allow the audience to feel (not just hear) the music.”

Lazarus went on to point out that The CD-15 had enough throw to cover the essential areas, and the speaker’s preset dispersion angle made the usually uncontrollable concrete/glass environment he was mixing in fairly easy to handle. “It’s a very engineer-friendly system that works very well in compact spaces.”

The CD-15 features Time-Align® technology that assures that acoustical signals are presented to the listener in the same relationship as the electrical signal at the input terminals of the loudspeaker.

The Bag End CD-15 is a lightweight (70 lbs.), powerful (max. peak SPL is 135 dB), professional full-range15-inch two-way loudspeaker with bi amp crossover. The speaker enclosure is made of 15mm 11-ply birch plywood with black RoTex™ finish; and includes fly points, handles, a stand adapter, and black powder-coated grille. The CD-15 is available as an active bi-amped crossover version or passive crossover version.

The CD-15 system components include:

Low Frequency Transducer: E-15F 15-inch cone / 2.5" voice coil / Neodymium magnet
High Frequency Transducer: E-806 1.4” Exit Neodymium compression driver / CD controlled directivity waveguide
Input Connectors: dual Neutrik® Speakon
Directivity: 90° x 60°, rotatable horn