Bass Player Magazine's Photo Coverage of Winter NAMM 2017

Get inside all of the action of the biggest music instrument event of the year with Bass Player's NAMM 2017 coverage from Anaheim, California.
By Jon D'Auria ,

All the basses, amps, pedals, gear, luthiers, artists, and noise in one place for the biggest instrument event of the year! We're live inside the chaos bringing you all of the latest and greatest from Winter NAMM 2017! This page will be updated with content, so check back. 

Things are about to get loud.

Aguilar's new AG 700 has both 'deep' and 'bright' boost buttons that make a huge tonal impact. 

The new Ibanez Aerium Basses have a very earthy and distinctive tone.

More of the Ibanez collection including their signature wall.

A new Warwick Streamer with a wild finish.

Warwick unveiling new designs.

A big variety of GHS strings tailored for every player. 

The new Michael League signature MarkBass Amp.

Orange cabinets and basses.

We highly recommend trying D'Addario's NYXL strings. 

A beautiful batch of Rickenbacker 4001 & 4003 basses.

Ernie Ball Music Man's walls of basses were hard to walk away from.

Elrick Basses' beautiful wood work.

TecAmp's powerful stacks of sound.

F Bass with a strong showing of BN and VN basses with new finishes, pickguards, and woods.

Tony Levin and Ned Steinberger at the NS Design booth.

Tech 21's new Geddy Lee rack amp was a popular item.

Chip Shearin's new Sadowsky Singlecut Classic 5-string was one of the most stunning basses of the show.

Janek Gwizdala laying it down at Aguilar. 

As did our upcoming cover artist Oscar Cartaya.

EBS' arsenal of amps.

We were in great company at the Lakland Basses booth.

Checking out the newest bass pedals at Electro-Harmonix and trying to figure out what a "Blurst" is.

The talented Tanya O'Callaghan shredding it up on one of her Xotic basses.

Spector's latest lines including beautiful acoustics (only $699!) and chambered basses.

We went Fender bass browsing with Eva Gardner (Pink, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Mars Volta).

...and we want all of them.

David Ellefson of Megadeth's Signature Jackson Basses.

Who later signed autographs and took selfies with Jerry Only of the Misfits.

Ashley Dzerigian of Filter demoed some DR Neon Strings for us. 

Jens Ritter brought a brand new collection of stunning and unique basses from his Roya and Cora Collections.

A burly batch of Ken Smith 5 and 6-string basses.

Hartke's brand new HD 500 Combo Amp packs a lot of punch.

Scoping the Yamaha Nathan East and Billy Sheehan Signature Basses.

Daniel Tobias showed us MTD's new collection that features Signature Basses for Andrew Gouche and Bubby Lewis.

EMG's diverse array of pickups.

A beautiful Marleaux Contra Bass.

Aria Pro II's newest creations.

GK's amazing and compact new Plex Pre Amp.

Sandberg Basses Forty Eight Series is something special. 

Phil Jones showing us his range of powerful amps from big to small.

Warrior Guitars Messenger Bass in white.

Beautiful new Mayones Basses including the new Hadrien Feraud Signature (bottom). 

Darkglass' Microtubes 900 amp and cabinets.

Moollon Guitars Classic-J Basses.

Form Factor Audio's Bass Instinct Series.

Ashdown's new Stuart Zender Funk Face Pedal.

Bobby Vega and his Shark Bass grooving at the TecAmp booth.

Juan Alderete starting his pedal clinic at Earthquaker Devices.

 Gruv Gear's latest compact and customizable bag. 

Things got heavy at Warwick with Paolo Gregoletto, Jonathan Munnier, Evan Brewer, and Nick Shendzielos. 

Nick Shendzielos reacting to playing BassBaba Sumon's 6-string 30" scale MTD Bass.

 La Bella's beautiful Olinto Basses. 

Hilton Guitars' newest basses.

A black satin finish on this Mike Lull J-Bass.

Dingwall had an bunch of wild finishes on their basses.

The amazing Gizmotoron 2.0 that makes a bass sound like a bowed upright.

The Guitar Triller is great for fast slapping, tapping, and strumming on bass.

Trickfish Amplification's Bullhead is one powerful amp.

Wren and Cuff's collection of pedals.

J Ferro basses are powerful, have great playability, and are super affordable.

Things got more than a little funky over at Wayne Jones Audio.

Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle, The Beta Machine, Eagles of Death Metal), and Sarah Lipstate (Noveller) talking shop at Dunlop.

The new line of Fodera Monarch-P and Emperor-J Basses were phenomenal.

Seymour Duncan's pedal collection.

Ariane Cap laying it down.

Ida Nielsen wowing the crowds with her solo performance at Diffusion Audio and Sandberg.

Cloud's Vari-Z DI does wonders for bass tone.

Dunlop's great wall of pedals.

Ampeg debuted their new Scrambler Bass Overdrive and Classic Bass Preamp pedals (only $99 each).

 LTD and ESP's impressive room of basses.

A PRS Classic 4-string Hollowbody Bass.

Michael League of Snarky Puppy bringing the funk.

Divinity Roxx and Darryl Jones of The Rolling Stones.

Robert "Bobby" Lewis with his brand new MTD Signature bass.

Bartolini's latest offering of powerful pickups.

A lovely totem stack of new Cort Basses.

Lots of low in the Genzler Amplification booth.

Epifani's slick Tour Combo Amps.

A Kiesel 5-string Bass with a highly sparkly finish.