Bass Player's 2018 Winter NAMM Show Coverage

Check out the latest and greatest bass gear from the biggest music instrument event of the year, Winter NAMM 2018.
By Jon D'Auria ,

Basses, amps, pedals, cables, strings, cases, accessories, artists, icons, luthiers, builders, engineers, industry people, instrument experts, a sea of onlookers and gawkers, and a wave of noise–all under one roof. Another Winter NAMM has passed and the meeting of the music masses was a successful one. Gear companies unveiled their latest batches of innovation, top players once again displayed why they're appropriately revered, and the bass world saw what it has to look forward to in 2018. Here are some of those things... 

Fender gave a nod to the past with their new line of Limited Edition Vintage Custom Basses and special one off creations.

And also this one...

Eva Gardner (Pink, Cher, Gwen Stefani) and Harmoni Kelley (Kenny Chesney) test out the latest.

Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Jon Munnier (On The Shoulders Of Giants), and Justin Chancellor of Tool hang at the Warwick booth. 

Music Man's colorful new collection.

Tony Levin holding the new lightweight Stingray bass.

Aguilar's new limited run cabinet color for 2018 along with their other goodies.

Ibanez's Signature Series and Soundgear Basses.

The exciting new Ibanez electric upright bass.

Rickenbacker basses in Mapleglo, Jetglo, and Fireglo finishes.

A sweet 5-string collaboration between Gruv Gear and Skjold Guitars.

A Kala Bass cozy in a durable Gruv Gear case. 

The new Mike Watt Signature Reverend Basses.

Supro's shortscale basses. 

The latest Jabba Basses from Mayones.

Earthquaker Devices showing off their powerful stompboxes.

Lakland's new color for 2018, Ice Blue.

Dunlop with all of the noise makers.

Darryl Anders of Dunlop hanging with Oskar Cartaya.

Norwood Fisher of Fishbone in the house.

Warwick's custom shop puts out some eye-popping beauties.

Stu Hamm modeling his Signature Series Warwick.

Scott Reeder of Fireball Ministry wielding a Katana Bass.

Xotic Basses with relic finishes.

MarkBass always stays on the cutting edge of innovation by unveiling new amps with new features each NAMM. Here are some of their new signature series amps.

 Nadja Peulen of Coal Chamber posing with Blue Steel. Dean Markley Blue Steels, that is.

The new lineup from Spector.

Randy Jackson, Frescia Belmar, Hadrien Feraud, and Thundercat.

Yamaha's Billy Sheehan Signature Series and BB Basses.

Kala's compact, but powerful UBasses.

Ashdown's new Geezer Butler Signature Amp.

And the man himself, Geezer Butler, signing at the Ashdown booth.

GHS Strings' collection.

Fodera's beautifully crafted basses.

The beta version of the innovative new Fusion Head from GK arrived just in time.

Electro-Harmonix's ever-expanding pedal collection.

Genzler Amps and Sadowsky Basses make for a powerful combo.

A James Trussart steel bass.

Serek Basses made a big impact at the booth.

Bill Dickens laying it down at the DR Strings booth.

Elrick's impressive hand-carved basses.

Darkglass Amps and pedals.

F Bass offered beautiful basses and great performances by Alain Caron.

Mike Inez and Rex Brown pose at Warwick.

Eva Gardner holding her strings at Rotosound.

dUg Pinnick demonstrating his new pedal at Tech 21.

Bergantino's new Forte and B Amp along with their new 410 cab (one speaker in back).

LTD's impressive bass showing and Takamine's beautiful TB10.

MTD's bass collection keeps growing with their Saratoga, Signature and Kingston lines.

Ampeg's thunderous wall of sound.

Peavey's latest collection including the return of the Cirrus bass.

Trace Elliot's super compact ELF amp. 

Hartke's new HD series of amps are clearer and more booming than ever before.

Kiesel Guitars' fresh additions to their already large bass catalog.

Sadowsky's NYC built basses along with a new line of more affordable options.

Orange's line of O Basses.

Phil Jones bringing the biggest of the big and the smallest of the small amps.

Trickfish's new Trilobite pedal.

Pete Hilton showing one of his newest hand crafted basses.

Adam Blackstone's Warrior Bass that he played with Justin Timberlake at the Grammys.

Graph Tech's new innovative tuning peg system makes for precise tuning. 

La Bella's Olinto Basses with relic finishes.

A G&L L2000 Series Custom Bass.

Booming tones over at Eich amps.

Stonefield Musical Instrument's cutting edge basses, including a new mini model.

EBS with a broad showing of their amp varieties.