Bass Player's Coverage of The 2017 Warwick Bass Camp and 35th Anniversary Celebration

We travel out to Germany to cover Warwick's 2017 Bass Camp and 35th Anniversary Celebration.
By Jon D'Auria ,

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Warwick Basses and to celebrate, Hans Peter Wilfer and the Warwick/Framus family hosted the 5th Annual Bass Camp Reunion. Players and students from all over the world gathered in Schöneck, Germany to partake in clinics, panel discussions, performances, and this year's ReeveLand Festival, which was all capped off with a star-studded dinner held in Warwick Headquarters. We traveled out to experience the week's events and capture some of the sights and sounds of the 2017 Warwick Bass Camp. 

Warwick's Headquarters, factory, and concert hall.

Event organizer Ove Bosch and Warwick owner and CEO Hans Peter Wilfer kick off the week.

Warwick's concert hall is lined with basses, guitars, and amps from many different brands and builders.

The Warwick showroom, however, is a different story. 

Only one brand of bass is found behind those doors.

Chuck Rainey and Divinity Roxx discuss the industry of being a bass player.

A gloveless Étienne M'Bappé lays down some nasty grooves for the crowd.

And here's where all the magic happens...

And that's how Warwick Basses are made. 

Ralphe Armstrong and Chuck Rainey, two bass legends.

Steve Bailey catches up with the Martinies.

We asked Scott Reeder (Fireball Ministry, Kyuss), Shavo Odadjian (System of A Down), and Nick Schendzielos (Havok) to pose in a '90s album cover formation and were not disappointed.

Phil X (Bon Jovi) and his band rock the crowd.

Felix Pastorius grooving at Warwick HQ.

Alphonoso Johnson and Chicago Music Exchange's Marc Najjar.

Warwick HQ is probably the only place on earth with bubinga wood stairs.

What has 14 strings and two heads? It's Jeroen Paul Thesseling and Jonathan Munnier.

Ove Bosch, MC of the ReeveLand Festival.

Nick Schendzielos and Havok bringing down the house.

Rex Brown debuts his solo band featuring Pancho Tomaselli (War, Tower of Power) on bass. 

The talented Dmitry Lisenko kicks off the Warwick Anniversary Dinner. 

Trio of groove –Yolanda Charles, Nik West, and Divinity Roxx.

Ryan Martinie, Stu Hamm, Tetsuo Sakurai, and Scott Reeder. 

Ladies of low end: Antonella Mazza, Jasmine Cain, Tanya O'Callaghan, and Angeline Saris. 

Alice In Chains guitarist William DuVall.

Chatting with Felix Pastorius about his new bass method books. 

Juan Alderete and Kyle Sanders most likely talking about distortion pedals. 

Stevie Salas, Jim Dunlop, Phil X, and Devin Townsend.

Ana Patan and Jonas Helborg.

Tanya O'Callaghan and Chuck Rainey.

 The Wilfers take center stage. 

Hans Peter and his wife Florence announcing that their son, Nicolas, will be next in line to run Warwick and Framus.

Alphonso Johnson kicking off the toasts to Hans Peter and Warwick.

Followed by Jim Dunlop

Divinity Roxx

Hans Peter's brother

Steve Bailey

Phil X and Stevie Salas

Ralphe Armstrong

This bass

and William DuVall.

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