Ben Shepherd Announces Debut Solo Album

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Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden announces his debut solo album In Deep Owl on August 27, 2013. The collection was recorded in the industrial neighborhoods of Georgetown and Interbay in Seattle, WA and was co-produced by Dave French, Nathan Yaccino, Chad MacMurray and Ben Shepherd, and mixed by Adam Kasper and Nathan Yaccino. PRESS HERE to listen to the first song off of the album, “Baron Robber” on

In Deep Owl was written entirely by Ben, who is widely regarded as a prolific songwriter. He began working on the album on Thanksgiving of 2009, and it was intended to only feature an acoustic guitar, until two of the best drummers in the world, Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), and Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam) agreed to play on the album. With their contribution, the music and mood of the album became louder. The album is a collection of dark and complex songs with a voice that wears its life experiences on its sleeve.

The studio and neighborhood where the album was created also lent a hand in the overall tone and musical themes that are heard in the music. Ben notes, “Gerry Amandes runs a studio [in Interbay] behind a sex club, but it was where we could record, all day and all night, at all volumes. This studio is where the bulk of recording seemed to go on, but it kept the main vibe of bohemian industrial and beat nickery.”

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