Caparison C2 DEB-E Bass

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The new 2014 C2 Series Guitars brings Caparison’s famous playability and meticulous build quality within a new price bracket. Like all regular Caparison models, the C2 Series guitars are designed and produced in Japan.

The C2 Series incorporates many of the outstanding features that have highlighted the company’s ability to produce some of the worlds finest high-end, solid bodied electric guitars and basses, with all the attributes needed to fulfil the demands of the modern electric rock guitarist, these include:-

The Caparison C2 Series 4-string DEB-E Bass has a solid mahogany body, a slim, fast maple neck, a bound ‘Devil’s Tail’ headstock and a 24 fret bound rosewood fingerboard. Loaded with a pair of EMG humbuckers, the DEB-E offers outstanding versatility and optimum ‘thunderous rock monster’ performance.

The new C2 Series maintains Caparison’s strictly controlled inspection of finish, sound and performance throughout, with each guitar passing through the hands of the designer before shipping.

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Caparison C2 Series solid bodied electric guitars and basses RRP: £979 - £1099. Includes high quality Reunion Blues case.

Finishes include gloss black, quilted maple trans red/blue/black burst and natural gloss mahogany.