Bass Player Live! 2016 Photo Recap

Check out all of the amazing happenings of the biggest bass event of the year, Bass Player Live!
By Jon D'Auria ,


Bass Player Live! 2016 is officially in the books! The jam-packed, legendary weekend that featured some of the biggest artists and gear companies in the bass world was epic, to say the least. Here's a look at all of the action that went down at SIR Studios and MIT Hollywood during the biggest bass event of the year. (Photos will continue to be uploaded as the week continues) 

All photos by Jon D'Auria and Alex Kluft.

Oskar Cartaya demonstrating some fretless grooves in his clinic. 

Bass Player's 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award winners George Porter Jr and Billy Sheehan.

Rex Brown, Glenn Hughes, and dUg Pinnick get ready for they rock bass clinic.

F Bass with a stunning collection of new basses.

Hofner's beautiful hollowbody basses on display.

Deep discussions on rock bass with the pros.

Ben Kenney of Incubus and BP Editor Jon D'Auria discuss the bass lines and history of Duran Duran with John Taylor.

Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Chris Chaney swap glasses in the green room.

An astounding amount of bass talent assembled in the green room.

BP Editor Jon Herrera, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Larry Klein, and Mike Elizondo in the insightful producer panel. 

The Session Bass Hang with Bob Glaub, Sean Hurley, Chris Chaney, and Kaveh Rastegar.

George Porter Jr and his family backstage at MIT.

dUg Pinnick, George Porter Jr, and Jerry Jemmott.

George Porter Jr and Randy Jackson catching up backstage.

Jerry Jemmott, George Porter Jr, Randy Jackson, dUg Pinnick, and Steve Bailey.

Aguilar's Dave Boonshoft honors the great George Porter Jr.

Randy Jackson presents George Porter Jr his Bass Player Lifetime Achievement Award.

The crew backstage before George Porter's performance. 

George Porter Jr laying it down.

Jerry Jemmott joins George onstage.

The stars gathering outside of MIT.

Billy Sheehan and Stanley Clarke.

Tal Wilkenfeld hops in on the groove with George.

Broken string? No problem.

Rex Brown, Billy Sheehan, Steve Bailey, Stanley Clarke, Tal Wilkenfeld, George Porter Jr, and Jerry Jemmott. 

Tal, Stanley, and Hadrien. 

Freekbass bringing the funk on his Stonefield Signature Series bass.

Billy Sheehan and his Winery Dogs bandmate Richie Kotzen shredding. 

Ampeg's Dino Monoxelos presenting Sheehan his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Steve Bailey gets in on the fun.

As does Rex Brown.

...and Brian Bromberg.

Rex Brown and Billy Sheehan.

Dino Monoxelos and Billy.

The happy recipient.

Billy Sheehan posing with his Bass Player cover issue.

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient George Porter, Jr. imparting some knowledge at his clinic.

Alex Al, Tal Wilkenfeld, Andrew Gouché, and Hagar Ben Ari after their insightful and powerful Prince tribute panel.

Bass Player's Jon Herrera with our producer panel of Mike Elizondo, Larry Klein, and Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

John Taylor and Ben Kenney hang before their clinic.

Tanya O'Callaghan and Armand Sabal-Lecco.

Tim Bogert receiving his BP Lifetime Achievement Award from Ampeg's Dino Monoxelos.

Janek Gwizdala talks simplicity within melody at his Bass Player LIVE! clinic.

Anna Sentina held down the groove at the Boss booth all weekend.

Bass Player's Chris Jisi with Steve Bailey and Andy West.

Bass Mods' beautiful Q5 model 4-string bass.

John Patitucci's Signature 6-string bass at the Yamaha Guitar booth. 

Aguilar bringing their powerful and dynamic tone options to the table.

A new Spector NS-2 in inferno red with a buckeye burl top and a birdseye maple fretboard.

A new Spector NS-2 in inferno red with a buckeye burl top and a birdseye maple fretboard.

The Billy Sheehan signature Yamaha Bass.

A Mayones Guitars Patriot MR Fretless 5-string.

Matt McJunkins and John Taylor catch up between clinics.

The Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Tube Powered Amp and 6x10 cabinet alongside a Warwick bass.

A handmade Dudacus Custom 5-string.

A D. Lakin 4-string Shark Bass with a great finish.

A lot of thunderous low end going down at the Ampeg booth.

Freekbass' Eden Amplification Rig and Stonefield Musical Instrument Company Signature Bass at his Bass Player Live clinic.

A stunning Mana Basso Fine Electric Bass Guitars Rasta Phi 5-string singlecut bass.

Richard Ruse of Trickfish amps gives a demo in tone at his booth.

Scott Reeder shows off his brand new Warwick Custom 8-string Katana Bass.

Discussing the bass line of Duran Duran's "Rio" with John Taylor and Ben Kenney.

Thumbs ups all around at the Jaco: The Film booth.

Walls of sound at the Ameg booth.

A new, unreleased D. Lakin hollowbody bass prototype.

Aguilar had amps for every type of player on display. 

Glenn Hughes, Rex Brown, and dUg Pinnick dropped some knowledge as our rock Bass panel.

A compact, but highly powerful new amp duo from Trickfish Amplification.

A pair of Hilton Guitars basses at the GHS booth.

So many Boss effects to choose from. 

The newest line of basses from Mana Basso.

Form Factor Audio showed off their powerful amps.

Hartke showed off why they're the favorite of many top players.

 A semi-hollowbody Dudacus Bass.

Hadrien Feraud layed down monster grooves in his clinic.

Jon Herrera led our legendary panel of producers that featured Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Larry Klein, and Mike Elizondo.

Sean Hurley, Bob Glaub, Chris Chaney, and Kaveh Rastegar in our Session Bass Hang.

A demo at Beat Buddy's booth showing how their new pedal can take your practice to the next level.

So many strings to choose from at GHS.

NS Design Basses sound just as good as they look.

Hartke rolled out all of their latest and greatest amps.

Tech 21 showing off their powerful dUg Pinnick signature amps.

A wide variety of Yamaha Basses at their display booth.

Dunlop's Darryl Anders gives a pedal tutorial to Nelson Segura. 

Pete Hilton showing off one of his custom bass creations.

Lots of pedal demoing at the Aguilar booth.

Bunny Brunell, Armand Sabal-Lecco, and Stanley Clarke await the award ceremony.

Hard-rocking old friends dUg Pinnick and Rex Brown.

Stanley Clarke getting the crowd ready for Billy Sheehan.

Stanley Clarke giving Billy Sheehan his Bass Player Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ampeg's Dino Monoxelos kicking off Billy Sheehan's Performance.

Billy Sheehan shredding and tearing it up for the crowd.

Steve Bailey giving a shout out to Lifetime Award recipient Tim Bogert.

Things are about to get loud with the all-star jam.

Billy Sheehan, Gerald Veasley, Hadrien Feraud, dUg Pinnick, Steve Bailey, and Rex Brown shake the building. 

Gerald Veasley stepping out to take a solo.

Rex Brown laying it down.

LTD showing off their Stream series of basses.

A sparkle-studded back view of a Dudacus Bass.

Jerry Jemmott and Phil Chen makes the rounds.

Eden's newest lines of powerful amps.

D'Addario's NYXL series of strings were a hit with the players at BP Live.

Pedal gurus Juan Alderete and Jonathan Hischke discuss signal chains at our Effects Clinic.

Freekbass explains the importance of staying true to yourself within your bass playing at his clinic.

Gerald Veasley tests out Ibanez's wild new 7-string half fretted, half fretless bass.

BP's own Elton Bradman tries out an NS Design 4-string.

Cody Wright wowing crowds at the Mesa Boogie booth.

No shortage of strings here at Tsunami Cables. 

The many models of ESP/LTD Basses. 

Hofner showing off their newest line of basses.

Dunlop's MXR pedalboard has sounds for days.

Gerald Veasley's clinic.

EBS' impressive range of amps.

Bass Strings Online had loads of bass goodies at their booth.

The Mesa Boogie Amp room.

A beautiful custom 5-string with a mirrored pickguard from Bass Mods.

Billy Sheehan prepares for his clinic.

Tim Landers explaining groove in his clinic.

Our all-star Prince panel featuring Hagar Ben Ari, Alex Al, Tal Wilkenfeld, and Andrew Gouche.