Dig My Rig, May 2012

By BassPlayer ,

MY RIG IS A THUNDEROUS TOWER OF CLASS A POWER. I have always loved how you can make a loud amp quiet, but not a quiet amp loud. So I have chosen two Hartke 2200 cabinets. Each cab sports two 12" aluminum cones and an adjustable 1" compression driver in a 60x60 medium-throw horn. Each cab is 4Ω and handles 300 watts. Powered by a Hartke LH1000 1,000-watt head, there is room for tone—headroom, that is! I love the simplicity of the 3-band parametric EQ. I have paired the rig with a Sampson S-com compressor running through the effects loop on the head. The tone is bright and bassy with plenty of midrange bite. The best part of the rig is its flexibility. I can break it in half for smaller gigs and keep the same tone I love!

My main axe is a bone stock 1994 Ibanez Soundgear SR1205NT. The all-maple construction on this 5-string paired with its active electronics give it a great crisp tone and bass to spare! She is a neck-through blonde beauty. I have been using this rig for three years and have had nothing but good feedback. —DAVID J. MAGGIO, FRANKLIN SQUARE, NY

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