Electro-Harmonix 8 Step Program Expression/CV Control Sequencer

By BassPlayer ,

Electro-Harmonix' new 8 Step Program connects to the expression pedal or Control-Voltage input on another device delivering sequencer control over parameters that respond to expression pedals or CV generators such as oscillators, filters, delay parameters, etc. With eight independent sliders, each controlling a sequence step, the pedal can turn an auto-wah into a step filter, a tremolo into a varying rhythmic pulse effect or a pitch-shifter into an arpeggiator.

Sequences can be modified with the pedal’s multi-function Mode switch that delivers control over sequence length, direction, depth and glide rate. There are four direction modes available: forward, reverse, bounce and random.

Sequence rate can be set with the Rate slider, Tap Tempo footswitch, or via MIDI clock which permits syncing to an external device like a drum machine. Five Tap Tempo Divide modes add rhythmic diversity. An expression pedal/CV input enables external, real-time control of rate, depth, glide, and sequence length.

The main unit can save, store and recall 10 user presets. The optional 8 Step Program Foot Controller, which receives its power from the 8 Step Program via a standard guitar cable, expands presets to 100.

The new 8 Step Program pedal with a U.S. List Price of $164.51 and companion Foot Controller at $83.74 will be released in February. Both feature solid die-cast construction and the sequencer includes a 9.6DC-200mA power supply.

More information at ehx.com.